DP Family Returns: Trouble with Alex: Erin

"You're Probably Going to Look 10 to 15 Years Younger"

"Not long ago, I said you have to start taking care of yourself. You were letting yourself go," Dr. Phil says to Erin. "You've lost 17 1/2 pounds, you've lost 17 inches. Your body fat has gone down a dramatic percentage."


Erin smiles.


"When you lose that weight, when you lose that body fat, you lose those inches, there's a return to health," Dr. Phil says. He adds that the show has talked to Erin's trainers, and they report that she is committed to doing the things she needs to do to get healthy.

[AD]"We've also said, kind of as a fun thing for you, that you could have a little surgery done, if you wanted it done," Dr. Phil says, noting that Erin will soon have surgery performed by Dr. Drew Ordon, co-host of the show The Doctors. "We did this because we said, 'Erin, its time you did something for yourself. You're starting your second family, we'll give you a running start.'"


Dr. Ordon has a consultation with Erin.