DP Family Returns: Trouble with Alex: Kids

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Alex visits her parents' house to spend time with her children. "Nathan's spending time at my mom's house, and so that's what we're doing, spending time together," Alex shares. 


"When she is here, I usually try to leave to give her time to be with the kids," Erin explains. 


[AD]"When I come over, it's usually just me and the kids. I'm here usually from 8:30 until 7:30, when Leilah goes to bed, almost every day," Alex says, noting that she doesn't go to her parents on Fridays, because Leilah goes to her father's house. "I have been with the kids almost every day. They've been here for Spring break."


"Alexandra says she's here every day, and she's really not here every day. She doesn't have the gas money, or there's an appointment," Erin says. "Alexandra has not been here every day during break. No. She was here Monday, and today is Thursday. Tomorrow's Friday, so I'm hoping she'll come, but I'm not going to make her come."



When the tape ends, Dr. Phil asks Alex, "When this baby is born, is it your expectation to raise this baby from birth?"


"Yes," she replies with a smirk. 


"Why do you laugh when I ask you that?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I just think that no matter what I say, my mom is going to say something totally different," she replies.


"This is just you and me. You notice I didn't ask her to weigh in on your relationship with Nathan. I didn't ask her to weigh in on your relationship with Leilah, and I'm not asking her to weigh in on this question. I'm talking to you," Dr. Phil says. "If you plan to raise this baby from birth through 18, 20 years of age, whatever it may be " is that your plan?"


[AD]"Yes it is," she says.


"You laugh when I ask you that, but you haven't done that with Nathan, and you haven't done that with Leilah, and you don't seem to be any better equipped now than you were for the first two, which are being raised by grandparents," Dr. Phil says. "It's an insult to my intelligence, some of the things you say. It's an insult to anyone's intelligence ... I think that you are more interested in trying to be rebellious and right, than you are responsible and plugged in." 

Erin will be staying in Los Angeles for 10 days, and she asks Alex if she can babysit her own children during that time.


On video, Erin says to Alex, "I am going to be leaving for L.A. next Friday, so I want to offer you first the child care, which would mean that when Leilah comes back, when you get back from LA yourself on the 12th " "


"I'm not going," Alex says, interrupting her mother. "I will be very close to my third trimester, and airlines don't want you flying."


"Honey, I think you're making a lot of excuses, but we're not going down that road," Erin says. "Anyway, I will not be here, so somebody needs to take care of Leilah until I get back. I wanted to know if you would come and spend the night here during the week to be with Leilah."


"I'll have to look at my schedule," Alex says. 


"OK, well, I need to get this planned really quickly, because I have got to get my alternative plan lined up," Erin tells her daughter.


[AD]Outside the house, Erin expresses her annoyance. "I'm a little frustrated with her less than enthusiastic response. What does Alexandra do that we need to check her schedule? I have no idea," she says. Looking at her daughter, she asks, "Seriously, what is it that you have to be doing? You're not working. Are you just ignoring me now?"


"Yes, I am," Alex says. Later, Alex explains to the camera, "I have a couple of things that I have coming up next week, so I have to go home and make sure that I can be here. Everything will be OK. She doesn't need to stress. But I probably won't stay the night here."

In studio, Dr. Phil asks Alex, "Are you going to be able to take care of your own children during those 10 days?"


"We did work out a schedule. Yes, I will be there to take care of them on the specific days that my mom's worked out," she says.


Dr. Phil notes that Alex will be with her children for four days, and Erin explains that they will be with their grandparents and a babysitter the rest of the time.  

"Alexandra, what is more important than taking care of your own children for this10-day stretch?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Nothing," she replies. "Leilah usually goes to her grandma's on the weekend."


[AD]"We've extended that weekend, because you had to take Tony to do something," Erin says. 


"What do you do on Fridays and weekends that's more important than being with your kids? I'm just curious," Dr. Phil says. 


"I've been coming on Fridays to be with Leilah," Alex says.


Dr. Phil explains his frustration to Alex.