DP Family Returns: Warning Marty: Alex, grandkids, Kathrine

Marty's Offer to Alexandra — if She Leaves Tony!

"What's your take on Alexandra?" Dr. Phil asks Marty. "Is this just total rebellion on her part, or does she just really have no other alternative than to say, ‘I'm in it. I've got to give it my best shot'?"

Marty says that's part of it. "I've told Alexandra, ‘I don't care if he has something on you, or you have done something that is just terribly wrong. Your mother and I will forgive you for whatever you have done, and the best thing that you can do is just come home, get rid of that guy, try to get your life headed down the right road, go to school, get a good education. You don't need a man in your life right now. Get a good job. Show these people that you can raise these children. Your mother and I will always be there to help you, as long as you go down the right track, these guidelines that we're trying to set for you,'" Marty shares. "I said, ‘Where you're going right now is not a good place in your life.'"

[AD]Dr. Phil plays a clip from a previous show where Alexandra explains that she can't pay the bills by herself, and she needs someone around to help her when she's stressed. Later in the clip, Katherine explains that her sister always needs a man in her life, and Alex admits that she doesn't like to be alone. When it ends, Dr. Phil asks Marty, "Is that it? Can she just not be alone?"

"Yeah, I think that is what it is," he replies. "After seeing that, and it just going back in time, she's always had to have a boy or man in her life. A sign of insecurity."

"She has to learn to rely on herself," Dr. Phil says.

"You and I both know that at this point, Alexandra should be either single, have a college degree, enjoying the beginnings of a new career, or she should be married to someone who treats her with dignity and respect, living in a nice, peaceful home, not having to worry if the electricity is going to be shut off or where the next meal is going to come from," Dr. Phil says. "We both know that's what she is capable of creating in her own life."

"Absolutely," Marty agrees.

"And planning a family, based on responsibility, instead of these unplanned pregnancies," Dr. Phil continues. "I just believe it's never too late."


[AD]Dr. Phil informs Marty that in a recent conversation he had with Alex, he told the young mom he was tired of always fighting fires with her and never being able to work on making progress in her life. "She truly needs to mature, become self-sufficient, believe in herself, but she's not," he says. "I believe it's based on two things: I think she does have an involvement with drugs, and I think she has an involvement with these guys who feel safe to her, because they don't require anything from her."

"They're low maintenance," Marty says.

"They don't challenge her," Dr. Phil adds.

Dr. Phil asks Marty, "Do you expect to raise Leilah to 18?"

Marty says he expects to raise both 6-year-old Nathan and 2-year-old Leilah until they are 18.

"What do you do differently with Leilah, than with Alexandra and Katherine?" Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]"Be more of a united force with my wife," he says.

"How's that going?" Dr. Phil asks.


"We're working on it very hard, and it's going rather well," he says. "Make decisions together as a husband and wife. When we discipline them, make sure that we stand our ground, don't give in to them, me being there to interact with them more, which I've been doing a lot more. Once the grandkids see that Erin and I have a strong bond and relationship " no bickering, no fighting, no arguing " I think it will come together."

"Is it peaceful at home?"

"Very peaceful."

Dr. Phil asks Marty about his relationship with Katherine.

"It's up and down with Katherine," he says. "I will say Katherine is doing a lot better than she was three or four months ago. She's going to school on a regular basis. She got off of her probation. She's done with that. I interact with her a lot more than I ever used to. We get along very well, right now. She's got a part-time job."

Dr. Phil tells Marty about a conversation he had with Katherine, where he told her he wasn't going to play games, and if she wanted his help, she had to comply with the rules she agreed to. But when he sent a nurse to give her a drug test, she refused. "I said, ‘OK. We're done.' It's like Tony not taking the polygraph. That says a lot to me," he says.

"Oh, absolutely," Marty says.

"Alexandra was requested to take a drug test by the state, and she refused to take that, which speaks volumes to me, as well," Dr. Phil says. "At times, she has completely denied any involvement with drugs at all, and other times, she's been more candid."


Marty reveals his thoughts about Alex's drug use and what he thinks occurred when her daughter, Leilah, was in her care.


"If Alexandra hits bottom, if she gets involved with drugs, and it starts coming unraveled, you need to pick up the phone and call me. I told you, we will get her the help she needs. We will put her in treatment," Dr. Phil tells Marty. "We've got to protect those children."