DP Family Returns: Warning Marty: Tony

“I’m Really Concerned About This Tony Characterâ€

Dr. Phil notes that Nathan will soon return to Marty and Erin's home. "You guys are going to raise your second family," he says to Marty. "Are you happy about that?"

"I'm very excited. I'm ready for the challenge," he replies with a smile.

"There are always challenges, there are always risks," Dr. Phil says. "I'm really concerned about this Tony character."

"I do not like him," Marty says.

Dr. Phil plays a video of lengths he's gone to, to determine who put the bruises on Alexandra's 2-year-old daughter, Leilah's, neck, including giving Tony a polygraph exam and attempting to do three other polygraphs. When the tape ends, he asks Marty, "Do you see why I'm concerned?"

[AD]"Definitely," he replies. "You know as well as I do [Tony's] guilty of it. Look how defensive he got immediately."

"It wasn't even a close call. It was markedly deceptive. Unquestionably, he's avoiding the test, because he knows that he can't beat it," Dr. Phil says. "That tells me he's got something to hide, which causes me to be very cautious about his ability to control his anger, his impulses, his conduct around these children when he gets upset."

"I totally agree with you. Just looking at him, he just looks like that type of a person," Marty says. "I really have never met him, and I don't really ever want to. I'm just real uncomfortable with the whole situation."

"He's getting ready to be your son-in-law," Dr. Phil tells Marty.

"Unfortunately," Marty says.

"He's getting ready to be the father of your third grandchild, and if she completes the requirements that DCF has set out, then Nathan and Leilah are subject to visiting there and spending the night there," Dr. Phil continues.

"Yes, and that totally scares the hell out of me," Marty says.

"I consider him to be a high risk," Dr. Phil says. He adds that according to Alexandra and Erin, Tony is barely literate. "I think he has limited coping skills. It's been my experience that people become violent when they run out of socially-acceptable ways to express themselves." He points out that Tony may become very frustrated with three kids in his home, and it may end with negative results.

"If that does happen, Dr. Phil, Nathan is old enough and smart enough that he would say something to me. He would tell me about it," Marty says. "Then Tony couldn't hide far enough away from me. That would not be a good thing."

[AD]"The last thing we want is for you going over there and throwing him out a window, and then you wind up in trouble," Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Phil tells Marty that because this issue is on DCF's radar, he can call them if he finds out Tony is getting physical with the children. "Hopefully, that never happens. Hopefully, I am wrong," he says. "He denies it completely, fully, but there are an awful lot of signs that point to the contrary. I think it's important for you to look him in the eye and let him know how closely you're monitoring this situation, because I think he would think twice before he would mess with you or get out of bounds with Leilah or Nathan."

Marty shares the conversation he had with Alexandra about her relationship with Tony. "It's kind of a no-win situation with her. She's just hell bound and thinks that this is all going to be a fairytale," he says, noting that he told his daughter Tony may have a difficult time getting a job because he was convicted of grand theft and spent three years in jail. "I'm like, ‘You're above and beyond all this. You're beautiful, you're smart, you should be in school.' I said, ‘Everybody who's around you and loves you is telling you this.'"

[AD]Dr. Phil reminds Marty of Alex's patterns in relationships, always defending the men and then the relationship falling apart. "In my view, the likelihood of this being a long-term relationship in any healthy way is very, very low," he says. "You have to assume that he's going to fall out of this equation in some way."

"Oh, yeah. He'll bail," Marty agrees.

Marty reveals his thoughts about bonding with his new grandchild and his biggest fear for the future.