DP Housewives: Goodbye Alana
Alana,one of the more outspoken Housewives, lost more than 100 pounds but still embodied the hurt and anger that came with years of being bullied. During her journey with the other women, she made a powerful realization that not only helped her to lose weight, but more importantly, reclaim her life.

Dr. Phil asks Alana, "So what have you been doing?"

"Being honest with myself," she says. She recalls a recent incident where she burned herself while drinking, and says that was a wake-up call for her. She put down the bottle and that has helped her lose more weight. "When I had the gastric bypass surgery, I never dealt with my food addiction, and I guess I picked up drinking as a bad habit."

"I get the sense that you have been in a process of constant self-revelation," Dr. Phil says. "I think each time something comes on your To-Do list, you target it and boom, you take care of that." He encourages her to call him if she ever gets to a point where she feels her drinking has become a problem.

Dr. Phil asks her, "Is there anything you want to talk about that you didn't feel comfortable talking about in the group?"

Tears well in Alana's eyes as her true emotions pour out.

[AD]"You've made a huge change in your life," Dr. Phil says, adding that if she ever slips into her old behavior of verbally attacking another, she should address the person and apologize for what's she's said. "Don't tell yourself that you really didn't make a change, because you're not perfect. Those episodes will get further and fewer between."

Alana apologizes for her past behavior toward Dr. Phil, often talking back and raising her voice at him. "That was wrong. I apologize for that. You were only trying to help me, and just being resistant to the process brought out the ugly," she admits. "I thank you for not holding that against me."

"You've done some serious work," Dr. Phil says.
Alana receives a video message from Dr. Phil. "I have arranged a special surprise," he says. "I promised I would help you pursue your life's passion, so I have set up a one-on-one meeting with well-known fashion model Anansa Sims."

Alansa's inspirational message for Alana.