DP Housewives: Goodbye Michelle
Michelle, 31, is a business owner and self-proclaimed workaholic. Although she has a strong desire to be married and start a family, she hasn't dated in more than a year, since breaking up with her fiancé. She also struggles to come to terms with her rocky relationship with her father.

Michelle tells Dr. Phil, "This has just changed my whole life." Fighting back tears, she explains it's been a challenge not having a relationship with her father. "Not having a father really be emotionally supportive my whole life and really linking it to the men whom I have dated, for me, I feel like a different person." She adds that she's now open to dating and her anxiety has lessened.

Michelle shares an important lessen she learned.

"Men want to know what they can do for you," Dr. Phil tells her. "And if you show no vulnerability, you show no need, men are going to decide they have nothing to offer you."

[AD]"I would think that if they think that I like them, they'll have the one-up on me," Michelle says.

"That's a chance you have to be willing to take," Dr. Phil says. "If they do something that violates your expectations, you're strong enough to handle it."