DPF Returns: Alexandra Inside Rehab: Erin

A Mother's Love
Erin readies herself to see Alexandra for the first time since she flew with her 60 days ago to Origins Recovery Center. The two run to one another and tearfully embrace.

“You look beautiful!” Erin tells Alexandra. “I’m so happy to see you.”

Erin and Alexandra sit down with Dr. Phil. “It’s good to see you two together and smiling,” Dr. Phil tells mother and daughter. “This is good stuff. I love this.”

“People say, ‘Why don’t you quit?’ Well, this is why right here.”

“Parents who give up on their kids and kids who give up on themselves miss this moment right here,” Dr. Phil tells Alexandra and Erin of their emotional, but happy, reunion. “And as long as it is coming, it’s always worth the wait.”

[AD]“Thank you — all of you — for really sticking by me and believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself, and for giving me this opportunity,” Alexandra tells Dr. Phil and Erin.

Back in her room, Alexandra tells the cameras, “Yes, I am an addict. I will always be an addict — a recovered addict. That’s different from being cured. I will never be cured.”
Dr. Phil and Alexandra take a walk down to the water near the Origins facility, and she shows him her dormitory, which she shares with 15 other women.

“And you wake up to this every day?” Dr. Phil asks, referring to the beautiful view of the ocean.

“Absolutely,” she says. “When we’re doing our morning meditation near the water, we can see dolphins in the bay. It’s just so cool.”

Dr. Phil tells Alexandra that he and the team of professionals at Origins will continue to track her progress. The two hug and part ways.

[AD]Four days later, Erin receives a call from Alexandra, who tells her mother that she will soon be ready to leave rehab and live in a sober living facility near her parents’ home. “I’m excited, but nervous,” Erin tells Alexandra.

“I worry about the outside influences that we have no control over,” Erin later tells Marty. “We have to trust her sobriety, and we have to trust the program.”

Marty and Erin agree to talk to Dr. Phil to hear his opinion.