Dr. Phil Family: Alex and Brandon Intervention: Debbie and Brandon

"It’s Just a Matter of Time until She Gets Arrested or Deadâ€"

Dr. Phil updates Brandon and Debbie about Alexandra's current situation. He explains that he and her family believe she is abusing prescription pills, an accusation she vehemently denies. He adds that Alexandra has been offered rehabilitation in various forms numerous times, but she doesn't believe she needs help. Dr. Phil arranged for her to meet with two of the top orthopedic specialists from Cedars-Sinai Hospital to evaluate the current state of her back, which she injured in a car accident three years ago, and she refused to accept their course of action for recovery, saying that she is happy with her doctor.

"I'm familiar with the type of doctor she's going to," Brandon says. "They just go in, accept nothing but cash and write you a script right there for, pretty much, whatever you want."

Dr. Phil points out that other individuals have provided the show with information about Alexandra and her pill use, although he doesn't know if their claims are true. "We have people say that she's been smoking meth," he says. And, Erin believes her daughter, Alexandra's, truck was spotted outside of an alleged meth house that was recently busted, although Alexandra denies that as well.

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"This is not going to be easy," Dr. Phil says. "But those three children are worth it."