Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra and Brandon Intervention, 2: Erin and Marty

“She’s Ready to Walk Away from Everyone for Her Next High, and My Husband is in Denial.â€

While Alexandra runs away, the police return to Erin and Marty's home. Erin feels that the officer and Marty undermine the intervention.


Erin unleashes her feelings at Marty.


Debbie asks Erin, "Do you think that Marty will continue to enable her?"

"Yes, I do," she replies. "I think he feels really guilty."

Dr. Phil calls in for an update, and Marty tells him, "It didn't go real well."

"I hope you realize that that's not her talking," Dr. Phil says. "If we're right, and she's heavily addicted to drugs " and I believe that she is " then that's the drugs talking, and I've done everything I could to cajole her into this and encourage her into this, and at that point, you take it to the next level, and the next level is a confrontive intervention." He adds that he warned Debbie and Brandon that this wouldn't be a one-day event. "I don't believe that she will ever go to rehab until she is compelled to go by a court of law. So this is just step one," he continues. "You don't do this for a day, you don't do this for two days, you don't do this for a week. You do it until."

Debbie tells Dr. Phil, "She is very, very resistant to the treatment process."

[AD]"It's going to take an intervention by the law to move her into treatment," Brandon adds.

Dr. Phil tells Erin and Marty that as her parents, they need to make the decision as to what to do moving forward. "My view is that if she doesn't get treatment, something bad is going to happen," he says. To Marty, he adds, "I think it's very important you and Erin be on the same page here. If you decide not to do one thing, then decide that you are going to do another. The worst thing you can do is nothing."

Marty and Erin agree that they learned how severe Alexandra's addiction is and that this is going to be a work in progress.

"If we can invoke the Marchman Act today, are you going to be onboard for that?" Erin asks Marty. The Marchman Act is a Florida law which allows people to obtain help for their drug-addicted loved ones.

"Yes," he agrees.

"I've got to have you be a part of this, otherwise, we're not going to be successful," Erin says.

Erin calls their attorney, Jim Werter, and tells him about the intervention and that they would like to invoke the Marchman Act.

Katherine explains, "The next step is getting her into rehab, whether she likes it or not. And she will have a choice if she can go to rehab in jail or rehab Dr. Phil's way."

"We are going to try and start a legal procedure with our attorney to try and have Alexandra arrested," Marty adds. "We hate to go that route, but I can see that the drugs are really, really bad. The condition that she was in today, it made me very sad and scared for her, because I know that's not the Alexandra that I know."

Jim Werter explains to the family how they can enact the Marchman Act and what it means for Alexandra.


After the meeting, Erin heads to the county courthouse to file the Marchman Act. "The reason that we did not do this sooner is that we really wanted Alexandra to make the choice on her own. We wanted her to choose rehab," she says. "She doesn't even really think she has a problem, so that's why we're invoking the Marchman Act, because it takes the choice away from her."