Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra and Brandon Intervention: The Intervention

The Intervention

Alexandra arrives at the house, ready to see her children and spend the day with them. Shortly after saying her hellos, Brandon and Debbie enter the room.


"Your family's got a few things they want to share with you, a few concerns," Brandon tells her.

Is Alexandra ready to hear what they have to say?


Alexandra asks for her purse so she can leave. "I'm going to call the cops, unless somebody gives me my *," she says. "I'm really about to start swinging."


Katherine pleads with her sister to speak with her. "I just want to talk to you. I miss you," she tells her, fighting back tears. "I have things that I need to tell you, that I need to tell my sister."

"Leave me alone!" Alexandra says as she  blows her off.


Brandon suggests that Alexandra just listen to her family, and that she doesn't have to say anything.

Alexandra reiterates that she wants her purse, so she can call someone to come and get her. Erin informs her that her phone has been turned off, and Alexandra says she'll walk.

Katherine pleads with her sister, and Alexandra says, "I really don't care. You people aren't a part of my life."

[AD]When Marty approaches Alexandra, she tells him in a raised voice, "I have separated you from my life. You're not a part of me … I don't want you in my life. I want you to leave me alone."

"That will never happen," Marty says to her.

Alexandra continues to scream at her family. "You guys are being ridiculous!" she yells. "You are not my family. I don't care what happens to either of y'all. It's my children I care about."

Alexandra attempts to make a phone call, and Erin stops her. "I don't care if you never speak to me again," an agitated Alexandra says. "I don't care what anyone has to say, because you didn't give a * what I had to say." She adds that she cares about her children, but she doesn't care what her family has to say to her. "You're really not part of my family."

Alexandra lashes out at her mother, and reveals who she believes is her real family.


[AD]It's been 20 minutes of family and close friends trying to get Alexandra to settle down and hear what they have to say. Erin is holding her tongue and following the instructions to stay calm and leave out anger. Katherine is speaking from the heart. Can Marty stay the course, and will Alexandra ever listen to what the family and friends have prepared?


See what happens as the fight to save Alexandra from herself continues.