Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra in Denial: Drug Bust

"Everything Just Adds Up To Where She’s Really Wrapped Up in Drugs"

Erin reports that Alexandra is allowing drug dealers to use her truck. "I have a picture of her truck directly in front of what we call ‘The Meth House,' which was recently busted," she explains, adding that seven people were in the house, and five were taken to jail for selling and manufacturing methamphetamine. "I know what I'm talking about this time! It was in the newspaper."

The local news reports on the drug bust.


[AD]At night, Marty follows Alexandra's truck. "It looks like some dirtbag was actually driving it. It upsets me like you wouldn't believe. These creeps driving my daughter's car sends me into a rage," he seethes. He drives by Alexandra's house to get comfort, and he sees her standing in the front door. "I'm really to the point where something really needs to be done as far as the whole truck thing, the meth house being busted with her truck sitting there. Everything just adds up to where she's really wrapped up in drugs, and we really need to get something done, or, I hate to say this, something awful could happen to her."