Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra in Denial? Erin

Where is Alexandra?
Erin reveals that Alexandra is missing and she hasn't seen her in two months. "I want to know what's going on with my daughter. I'm really worried," she says. "Last night, Alexandra called me and asked for cash." Erin refused to give her money. "Her voice sounded very small and scared, but she pretty much hung up on me," she continues. "What I'm going to give Alexandra is my love and my hope, but we are not going to sit there and give her gas money, drug money. Even now, I don't know that we'd even give her food. I want her to get to a point where it's so low that she's ready to get help."

[AD]Erin shares that she and Marty miss Alexandra in their lives. "I'm always going to see Alexandra as that 10-year-old little girl. She was funny, and smart, and she would just try anything, just a go-getter," she says. "Marty and I really miss that about her. It's hard for us to think of our daughter in terms of where she is right now, so we do want to remember the positive things about her. We know that great little girl is still in there somewhere. She's just clouded with the drugs." 

Erin attempts to trace some of Alexandra's footsteps. She starts with a trip to her daughter's pain doctor. She brings along her X-rays from when she broke her back on two different occasions. "I do not think I should be prescribed OxyContin, Oxycodone or anything for my pain," she says.

Learn why Erin is appalled after visiting the doctor.