Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Cover Up: Alex and DP

Telling the Truth or Running from It?

Dr. Phil questions Alexandra about the whereabouts of her truck and if she has any connection to people involved in a recent bust at an alleged drug house.


See Alexandra's surprising reaction.


[AD]Dr. Phil informs Alexandra that he has received unsolicited letters, emails and calls from people in her hometown that know her and say they are concerned about her.

"If they're so concerned, then tell me to my face," Alexandra says, referring to the people who contacted the show.

Dr. Phil holds up a picture of someone driving Alexandra's truck. The woman looks strikingly similar to the mug shot of a woman named Gina, who has been arrested twice in two months at the alleged meth house. "You told your mother that Gina was using your truck," Dr. Phil says.

"Not that Gina," Alexandra replies. "I have no idea who that is."

[AD]Dr. Phil plays a video of Alexandra and her parents having a conversation about her truck. In it, she says she's letting Gina drive it, because she has a license, drives her around and puts gas in it. Erin warns her that if Gina has a wreck, Alexandra is responsible. She says she's aware of that.

Alexandra continues to deny that her truck was at the suspected meth house "You're going to get Anthony taken from my mom with that crap right there," she says.