Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Cover Up: Erin and Brandon

"She Doesn’t Seem to Care about Anything but Her Next Highâ€"
"I'm really worried," Erin says as she searches for her daughter, Alexandra. She takes pictures of what she believes is Alexandra's truck in front of a home that was recently busted as a meth house. "What I really want to do is show DCF [Department of Child and Family Services] that Alexandra's truck is in front of this house that was just in the news two weeks ago."

[AD]Erin is referring to a meth lab bust at the house, in which five people were arrested. Investigators say that upon searching the house, they found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a large amount of prescription pills.

"What I find to be really horrible is it was busted as a meth lab. Meth is so dangerous," Erin says. "I am very disgusted that Alexandra is involved with these people, that her car is here and that she just doesn't seem to care about anything but her next high."

Dr. Phil sends former addict and now interventionist Brandon to Alexandra's hometown to see what he can uncover. "From what I've seen, [Alexandra] has a serious prescription drug problem. I can totally relate to what Alex is going through right now," he says, referring to the days when he was actively getting high. "When I got really bad, I didn't care if my family was in my life at all. All I cared about was getting pills so I wasn't sick every day. To me, that's where Alex is at right now. She needs these medications just to function."

[AD]Brandon drives by the suspected meth cooking house, where Alexandra's truck has been spotted. "We don't know if Alexandra is actually buying drugs here, selling drugs here, or if she's letting somebody at the house use her truck," he says. He reads from the newspaper that one of the suspects picked up in the raid is named Gary, AKA Shane. "It says in the police reports one of the defendants was found with Lexapro, three metal spoons containing suspected cocaine residue, two syringes, one OxyContin 30 mg," he reads. "From everything I've seen, her problem goes a lot deeper than just prescription pills, if she's associating with these characters."