Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Cover Up: Erin

"She’s Barely Hanging on to Her Life"

On video, Erin clarifies the gag order put in place in regards to baby Anthony. "Gag order is a very convenient way for Alexandra to wiggle her way out of a situation where she's being pinned down on something. The gag order is in place to protect the child. We don't want him on television. It's not that she can't talk about it. She can talk about it," she says.

Erin goes to the courthouse for a child support hearing with Alexandra and Chris. "It would be ideal if Chris and Alexandra were able to pay their child support, however, realistically, I just don't see that happening anytime soon," she says.

After the hearing, Erin reports that Alexandra didn't show up. "Chris was very nervous, but I think he has good intentions, that he does want to pay child support. He just hasn't been able to." She adds that she and Marty need their own attorney so they can have a voice in the courtroom, otherwise that can't speak out in court. "I need to make sure that Marty and I get custody of these children, because Alexandra is not in a position to be caring for these children right now, and as much as she wants to try and make me look like the bad guy, I'm not the bad guy, and neither is her dad. We're the good guys."

[AD]Erin continues. "I really struggled with why Alexandra wants her kids so bad, and Dr. Phil said the reason Alexandra wants these kids is because she wants to hurt me. I don't understand why she wants to do that, but it makes sense, because she doesn't see her children, she doesn't visit them, she doesn't call them, and yet, she wants to get custody of them," she explains. "She doesn't pay any child support for them. She's barely hanging on to her life herself."

Erin and Marty plan to file for custody of all three of Alexandra's children with the help of an attorney.

Alexandra tweeted that she was cut off from her family. Fighting back tears, she shares that she and her mother still have a strained relationship. On her birthday, she says Erin left a gift for her in her front yard and wouldn't even give it to her in person.

Erin explains that she and Marty didn't cut Alexandra out of the family; they only stopped giving her cash, and their daughter is still welcome at home. Erin makes a gift bag for Alexandra on her birthday and delivers it to her house. "My daughter is 100 feet in front of me, and I can't give her a hug," Erin says, outside of the house where her daughter lives. "Alexandra is obviously watching a little boy at this house, babysitting, I guess, and it's heartbreaking. She's watching somebody else's child and doesn't even see her own. I really do need to not have contact with her, but I want to have contact with her." She leaves the gift bag which contains pictures of Alexandra's children and a letter.


Erin fights her emotions as she reads what she wrote to her daughter. "My dearest Alexandra, I love you very, very much. I want to say that to you 100 times a day, but I don't, because I'm afraid that all you will hear is me criticizing you, or accusing you or pushing you away. You are my very precious princess, my wonderful and magnificent gift from God. I wish I could do something to make your life perfect and right, but let there be no mistake, these babies, they need their mother.

[AD]"Right now, I think you are making some dangerous and terrible choices in your life. I do not think that you are able to make clear decisions because of your addiction, and the results are bordering on catastrophic. It seems like the whole world is against you. But know this: I am not. I will forever have hope for you, and I will always love you, Alexandra, my precious daughter. I am waiting for you to come out of the bushes, my angel. Just come home to us, and I will pick you up, and I will dry your tears, and help you, carry you, to a place you can call home. I love you so much, Alexandra. Mom."

Alexandra interpreted the letter from her mother in a different way. "When I read the letter my mom wrote me, I just kind of felt aggravated, and, like, wow. That's the best you can do? I felt annoyed, because I know they did a whole bunch of stuff for my sister for her birthday, and my mom didn't even have my kids call me and wish me a happy birthday," she says, adding that her father didn't acknowledge her special day either.

[AD]Erin says that Nathan and Leilah called their mother and sang Happy Birthday to her voicemail. "I just find it interesting that she doesn't remember," she says.