Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Cover Up: Visitation

"This is an Ugly Truth"
On video, Erin reveals a surprising fact about Alexandra and her visitation with her children.

When the video ends, Alexandra explains that she wants copies of the videos. "My mom is going to lose Anthony," she says. "The judge specifically told her to keep her mouth shut, or he would take the baby from her. She's not allowed to discuss anything that has to do with Anthony, me, the case, anything."

Alexandra tells Dr. Phil that she wasn't staying at that hotel when she told her mom she didn't have gas money to see her children.

"You haven't seen the babies for 68 days," Dr. Phil reminds her.

"Actually, I saw my son recently," she says.

[AD]"You went and saw him Friday, because you were coming here today, and you've got a court hearing coming up," Dr. Phil points out. "Sixty-eight days, Alex?"

"Do you know how many times my mom canceled?" she asks.

"It's a little hard to be self-righteous and sanctimonious when you have three children, and you have custody of none of them," Dr. Phil points out.

"A fact is a fact. For whatever reason or justification, did you go 68 days without seeing your children?" Dr. Phil asks Alexandra.

"I'm not going to answer that because it's self-incriminating, and I still have an open case," she replies.

"Well, that's the answer," Dr. Phil points out. "This is an ugly truth. It doesn't seem to me that you're making an effort."

Alexandra nods and says OK.

[AD]Dr. Phil recaps Alexandra's situation: she's not in school, she continues to see her doctor in Florida, she has refused help offered by Dr. Johnson and Dr. Berkley, she doesn't see her children on a regular basis, and she and Tony live in his mother's rental property.


Dr. Phil and Alexandra engage in a heated discussion. Is Alexandra ready to make a change?


Dr. Phil tells Alexandra, "At some point, you've got to do something different if you want something different." He suggests that she take his offer for rehab, because, if nothing else, it will be the nicest place she's lived in a long time. "Why don't you call my bluff and prove me I'm wrong? And when you do, I promise I'll never bring it up again," he says. "If you want to impress the courts, there's no better way than that. They want to see change, because they don't like what they've seen so far."

"I'm working on that," Alexandra replies.

Dr. Phil offers to send both her and Tony to rehab. She nods. "Not interested?" Dr. Phil asks.

Alexandra shakes her head and smirks. "I think we're doing really well, actually," she says. "We've been doing what we're supposed to be doing. We're getting our * together," she says, adding that Tony and his mother were the only people to do something for her on her birthday.

[AD]"When you leave here and go home, what are you going to do?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm trying to figure out how to get my stuff together, so I can get my kids back," she says.


Will this be Dr. Phil's last conversation with Alexandra?