A Surprise Meeting
After six weeks of having no contact with her daughter, Erin surprises Alex during one of her Dr. Phil show interviews:

"So, are you surprised to see me?" Erin asks her daughter. 

"Yes," Alex says.

"Do you know when you last saw your kids?" she asks.


"Well, how long as it been?"


"Like, a month and a half," Alex confesses.


"Yeah. What's up with that?"


[AD]"They don't want me driving, and they don't want me to be ..."


"But you do drive and go places," Erin interjects.


"Yes, I know, but I'm in town where I'm close to the hospital. They don't want me, like, being far away, because I'm on bed rest, and I'm supposed to be on bed rest, and sometimes it just gets a little ridiculous, and I have to get out of the house," explains Alex.


"How is it that you don't come see your kids? Like, if you're going to go do something, I wish you would come by and see your children," asserts Erin.

Dr. Phil responds to Alexandra's reasons for not seeing or calling her children. "So, she expects her kids to call her?" he asks as clarification.

"Her 2-year-old and her 6-year-old son, yeah," Erin confirms.

"Track their mom down?"


"On various cell phones, I mean?"

"I'm surprise she didn't expect her [kids] to text," Erin quips.

Dr. Phil explains that Alex has been described as having a lack of empathy, and that her inability to have sense of someone else's experience and point of view can be attributed to a narcissistic type of behavior.

In that same surprise visit, Erin confronted Alex.  "I'm guessing that you don't want me to come to the hospital. I'm guessing that it's probably not a good idea if I came," she says.

Alex tells her mom that she's wrong, and that she does want her family at the hospital as well " if they can all be nice.

[AD]When Erin promises to be on best behavior, mom and daughter agree that she should be in the delivery room for the birth of Alex's third baby.

But Erin says that the next communication she received from Alex was a text saying that she was already in the hospital and in labor. Erin was not there when the baby boy was born.