Dr. Phil Family Returns: Where's Alex

Where's Alex?
When we last saw 22-year-old Alexandra, she was seven months pregnant, and Erin and Marty were concerned that she was secretly taking drugs. The other issue on the table was her rocky relationship with her boyfriend, Tony, a young man accused of putting bruises on Alex's daughter, Leilah.

Erin confided to Dr. Phil that she was worried about Alexandra and the choices she was making. When confronted, Alex denied the accusations, and maintained that she was living a life free of drugs. Erin was not convinced.

In the final few weeks leading up to the baby's arrival, Erin's concerns for both her daughter and her grandchildren escalate because she says that  Alex has stopped taking her phone calls and answering text messages. She is also troubled that Alex has stopped visiting her children, Nathan and Leilah, who now live fulltime with Erin and Marty.

[AD]With Alex claiming to be on bed rest, a frustrated Erin puts Leilah in the car and decides it's time to pay her pregnant daughter a visit. 

Arriving at the house, Erin finds Tony and a friend out front, but no sign of Alex or her truck. When she goes to the door, she is confronted by the men, who tell her that Alex is not home. When they deny knowing her whereabouts, Erin tries to reach Alex on her cell phone.

Erin confronts Alex about why she has not been visiting her children.
When the mom and daughter hang up, with Leilah crying in the back seat, a seemingly exacerbated Erin declares, "I'm done. I'm done trying to help Alexandra see the light to understand how important her children are and that they desperately need their mother."

Dr. Phil welcomes Erin on stage. "You're clearly frustrated," he points out. "She's not even checking on her kids, but she was supposedly bed ridden but wasn't at home. So she can get up and go somewhere, but not go see the kids?" he asks.

"She was shopping with a friend," Erin explains.

Alex explains her side of the story: "I was in the middle of looking at baby stuff for my son and all this craziness happened. But my mom was saying I was out partying, but I wanted everyone to know that I was just getting out of the house for a few minutes to do some shopping and be normal.

"I have been on bed rest, and I've been in bed for the past couple of days," the young mom continues. "I guess she's just upset I haven't been over at the house as much as I usually am with Leilah, but I'm tired. I mean, my feet are swollen. I'm doing the best I can, you know. I'm trying to keep everything " just stress, everything down, and chasing a 2 1/2- year-old around probably isn't the best thing.

[AD]"My mom wants to sit there and pretend like I'm never there anymore, and sometimes I wonder about my mom's motives. I think that she wants to create drama. I know that she's all about the kids and what not, but I still, you know, I still have my issues, and I still have things that are important. Unfortunately, they are big things, and they're preventing me from spending every single day over there.""If she spent as much time with the children as she did manufacturing excuses, we'd be halfway home. Can you believe all of this?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.

"Well, I can believe it, Dr. Phil, because whoever this is, is not my daughter anymore. So, It's just crazy, crazy talking," Erin confides.

Alex says that she is also feeling the disconnect from her mother. "My mom has been really distant throughout my whole pregnancy, and it's different for me, so I'm not quite sure how to take that sometimes. It hurts my feelings a lot of times. It's kind of almost depressing because I've been kind of by myself," she shares.

[AD]"What is your reaction to her accusing you of distancing yourself from her, when she's like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall?" Dr. Phil asks Erin. "I mean, you can't find her with both hands."

"I can't find her; that's just it," Erin explains. "The children have actually called her and left messages, and she says that she doesn't get them."