Dr. Phil Family: Weight

Dr. Phil Family: Weight
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
After taking audience and Web site polls, Dr. Phil announces that Marty is the family member who gets viewers the most agitated.

"You really irritate me," Barbara tells Marty. She has been following "A Family Divided" closely and is frustrated with the way Marty has handled issues with his family.

Barbara continues: "When Jay [McGraw] asked you to read four teenage magazines in order to bond with Katherine, I thought, 'OK, wow, he's going to do it,' but I should have known because you never do anything."

After commenting about Marty's frequently blank facial expressions, she asks, "Marty why aren't you doing the homework assignments and why aren't you pitching in?"

Immediately responding on the defensive, Marty tells Barbara: "If you walked in my shoes, you wouldn't be running your mouth. You don't live with this family 24/7. I can get more out of a one-on-one with my daughter than by reading some smut magazines that really don't do anything for me. As far as the blank expressions on my face, a lot of times Dr. Phil throws me some curveballs that really catch me off guard and sometimes I don't have the answers for him right away."

"What do you think of his response?" Dr. Phil asks Barbara.

"I think it's a crock," she says.

"So what do you want to see him do?" Dr. Phil asks Barbara.

"Anybody can drive the kids to school," Barbara says. "He's doing the stuff that's required of him, but not the stuff that makes him a true dad."

"Why do you think that is?" Dr. Phil asks.

"He chooses not to and not to learn how to do it," she replies.

"What do you think about his willingness to come here [on the show]?"

"That takes a tremendous amount of guts," she says. "But I think that he needs to put a lot more effort in other areas."

Marty also faces the questioning of a viewer who calls in to the show.

"When you appear in front of the camera, you express eagerness to change your behavior, to mend relationships with your family, but it doesn't seem like any action follows," says the caller, Chris. "Can you articulate those things that you're willing to do to mend your relationship with your family?"

Marty answers Chris: "First of all, you're not my mother. Unless you know this family or interact with this family, these questions mean nothing to me."

Dr. Phil then asks Marty if he recognizes his role as the male leader of his family.

"I am working dilligently to become a better husband, a better father," says Marty.