Dr. Phil Now: Britney Spears

 Neal Hersh

Family Law Attorney


"I think the lesson to be learned from this is that Britney is, most likely, not taking advice from her counsel ... She believes that she is above the law, can do what she wants when she wants, and this judge finally said, ‘That's enough.' For her not to be in court today … was a very, very big mistake."

Lisa Bloom 

Anchor and Commentator, Court TV News


"This is why she lost custody of the kids to begin with. She violated the first rule of litigation: Do not mess with the judge and the judge's order."

Britney's former bodyguard Tony Barretto

and his attorney, Gloria Allred


"It was scary. I remember myself, my partner, her assistant were all in the SUV following her, and we were yelling and screaming."


--Tony Barretto, on witnessing Britney driving on the wrong side of the road with her two sons in the car.


"He's come forward. He's speaking out because he wants the court … he wants the public to know what her behavior was so that hopefully someone will help Britney."


--Gloria Allred





Mark Steines

Co-Anchor Entertainment Tonight


"Somebody who has supported her through all of is " who stood by through the rehab, who has been there helping her with the kids " is now, it appears, to have abandoned her as well."


--on Britney's long-time ally, Alli Simms


Janice Min

Editor-in-Chief, US Weekly


"She's lacking a certain level of mental competence, right now, that lets any of this sink in."





X17 Celebrity Photos


"I think it's a love/hate thing. Britney definitely loves the paparazzi. I think she thrives on the attention."


Brandy Navarre

Vice President X17 Celebrity Photos


"Scandal sells."