Dr. Phil Takes on a Town: Elgin

Welcome to Elgin, USA
Dr. Phil checks back in with the Horvath family to see how they Dr. Phil adopts the people and town of Elgin, Texas to help them with their community and family problems.

In Elgin, Texas like anywhere in the United States, there is what some consider to be the good side of town and the bad side of town, but both face serious issues: troubled teens drinking, doing drugs and getting pregnant, domestic violence, infidelity, divorce, racism, and latchkey kids. Dr. Phil is partnering with Elgin to help them heal their families and their town.

"It's time for us to fight back," Dr. Phil says. "If you want your children to be safe, your marriage to be happy and your community to unite to create an environment in which that can happen, I want you to let me and the people of Elgin, USA show you how to face the biggest challenges head on."

Drugs are one problem. Students offer cocaine and marijuana to other kids right out of their lockers. "We get a lot of peer pressure about doing sex and drugs. If we don't do that, then we don't fit in," admits another young girl. A teenage boy adds, "They drink because they're bored and there's not enough to do in Elgin."

The problems go beyond the high school. Elementary school kids are being offered drugs and many babies are

born drug addicted. Crack, cocaine and marijuana are found all over the city. "Drugs are running rampant through this city like there's no tomorrow," says Byron Greene, Associate Pastor at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and a former cocaine addict.

A police officer concurs with this assessment. "Narcotic search warrants is our bread and butter," he explains.