Dr. Phil Takes on a Town: Town Hall Meeting

Plan of Action
Dr. Phil checks back in with the Horvath family to see how they Dr. Phil adopts the people and town of Elgin, Texas to help them with their community and family problems.

"We've been looking for a city that we thought could become an absolute inspiration to America," an energized Dr. Phil tells the thousands of excited and captivated Elgin residents who join him for a town hall meeting.

Dr. Phil explains that he chose to work with the people of Elgin because they are willing to get real with their problems and do the work it takes to make changes. Also, Elgin has problems and challenges that many of the big cities in America are facing. "It's about schools, it's about community, it's about putting family back in America," he says.

Dr. Phil's plan for Elgin and the rest of America includes teaching parents how to reconnect with children, and for families to reconnect with each other. He will bring to light problems like teen pregnancy, drug use, unmotivated children, and bullies in schools. These are issues that every town in America faces, and he wants all of America to admit to and face their problems in order to create change. "America watches what we do here and they say, 'I want to Elginize my town,'" Dr. Phil says.Dr. Phil points out the importance of changing their lives now, before more damage is done. "You may well be doing things in your
life that are scarring your children and you don't know it. You may be doing things that are ruining your marriage, your family and don't know it," Dr. Phil warns. "I want us all to have the gift of life where we recognize those moments when they happen and we have a plan for seizing the moment. That's what this is all about."

Dr. Phil also emphasizes that parents are raising adults, not children, and kids are now becoming all they will ever be. "If

you want a phenomenal family, if you want phenomenal children, if you want a situation where your kids have the best chance to have a happy, healthy, peaceful life, then you've got to be willing to learn what it takes to do that," he says.

"It's time to put your community on project status. Leaders have to lead, parents have to lead. You may not be the only influence in your children's lives, so you must be the best influence in your children's lives," Dr. Phil tells them. "I come here with my passion and I pledge to you that I will bring every fiber of my body and being, every resource at my disposal to make your town, your family, your life, even better."


One mom in the audience says that she needs help with her 3-year-old son who talks back quite a bit. "A couple of weeks ago I asked him not to do something and he put his hands on his hips and said, 'Blah, blah, blah,'" she tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil informs her that kids at his age are really starting to form their personalities. "He's gotta know that's not OK," Dr. Phil says, and asks her what he really values.

"He loves his pooh bear," she replies.

"Then you've gotta take that pooh bear hostage," Dr. Phil tells her. "The pooh bear is an earned privilege and if you're ugly to momma bear, you don't play with the pooh bear."

Another woman wants to know how she can keep her sanity throughout the day, when she is exhausted from not getting much sleep and taking care of three small children while being pregnant.

"That's the problem, you haven't been sleeping enough at night," Dr. Phil jokes and then reminds her to have balance in her life. "One of the biggest mistakes I see couples making is when they start being mothers and fathers, they stop being friends and lovers," Dr. Phil says.