What Your Stuff Says about You

Dr. Gosling snooped around the offices of the Dr. Phil producers.

See what their stuff says about them!


"The bad guy in the James Bond movies. It's interesting," Dr. Phil says when the tape ends. "That's Rich de Michele, who is in charge of money and budget at the show. He says no to more people about more things than anybody. He asks Rich, "What's up? Did he nail you?"


[AD]"Yes. I think he did. It made me nervous. I wasn't quite sure why he was in my office snooping around," Rich says.


"What did you see that said hard nose?" Dr. Phil asks Professor Gosling.


"There wasn't really any sort of stuff that made you comfortable there. There wasn't so much in the way of softness, a lot of personal reminders. There was a baseball bat," he explains.

"Nothing said, ‘Come and stay,'" Dr. Phil surmises. "It just basically said get out."



Watch Dr. Gosling snoop around Dr. Phil's office, and see what Dr. Phil's stuff says about him!


Dr. Gosling checks out Robin's dressing room.


"How did he do?" Dr. Phil asks Robin.


[AD]"Perfect," Robin says. "That's exactly who I am. I love to be surrounded by the people I love, by having all the photos in there. And, I make a complete mess when I get dressed."

"No rules," Dr. Phil says, agreeing with Professor Gosling. "She just does what she wants to do." He reiterates that Robin taped a picture to a painting.

"Spontaneous rule-breaker," Professor Gosling says.