The Day They Became a Victim

In a powerful exercise, Dr. Phil instructs the pairs to face each other with their eyes closed. "I want you to get in touch with that most significant time in your life when, despite your best efforts, you became a victim. It hurt you. It changed who you were. This is not easy to talk about, but it is about being a fully-functioning, feeling human being," he says. "I want you to stand up now, open your eyes, look your buddy right in the eye, and you let them know what happened to you."

Angie tells Nicole, "Ron did not let me enjoy my pregnancy. He was drunk the whole time. The only time he was sober was when we had delivery. And that was a struggle for him. Those were bad, dark times. He was married to alcohol. When I had my baby showers, I had to worry about if he would be intoxicated and embarrass me when the people arrived or during the baby shower. I feared that when I was pregnant."

Melissa tells Jessica F., "I was living in the basement of my grandmother's house. My mom comes down the stairs and tells me that my dad's in jail. I asked why, and she says, ‘For murder.' And my whole body starts to shake, and I'm trembling because I was so scared. I don't know why. I don't understand why this is happening to me, why I'm living in a hole, in a dark place with no way out."

Jessica R. tells Paige, "I was 7 years old. I was in second grade. It was during break time. Everybody would come around. There was a group of three kids who came around me, and they wouldn't stop talking about how ugly and how fat I was. And they all cornered me, and from then on, it just killed me. I felt so hopeless. I felt so alone. I just felt like nothing."

Paige tells Jessica R., "1982: three years into a very intimate relationship with one of my teachers. I thought he would be in my life forever. He was married, and we had sex. At the end of the school year, he literally drove me to the bus stop so that he could get me out of the school, because I wouldn't leave. I was crying. He told me to get out of his car in the rain, and I never saw him again."