A Violent Household

When they finish telling their partners about the day they became a victim, Dr. Phil says, "That wasn't easy to talk about. What I want you to do now is even harder. I want you to tell this whole group what you just told your buddy."

Diona looks upset. Carina raises her hand to go first.

"I want to know what happened. And I want to know what it did to you because I want you to claim the right to say it," Dr. Phil tells Carina.

"It was a violent day in my house. My mom and dad had been physical with each other that day, and up until this point, I had been very afraid of my stepfather " always hiding, taking my little brother and sister behind the doors to protect them. I remember it was close to Mother's Day. My dad had thrown a vase of roses at my mom, and the petals just went all over the house and the water, and there were other plants thrown, so there was dirt, and I just remember the day of stepping up to him and telling him, ‘No more, no more. This is it. This is it!'" Carina cries. "No more."

"How old were you Carina?" Dr. Phil asks.


"And you totally get that you shouldn't have to do that at 15? That wasn't your job. You shouldn't have had to do that and that's not OK," Dr. Phil says. "You were doing it long before 15 when you were protecting your little brother, your little sister. Do you get that that's not fair? That's not the way life really is. It's not the way it has to be."

"Yeah," she says.

"You've got to get that. You've got to know that's not how your life has to be. At least hear me say it, because that wasn't fair to you. It wasn't right," he says.