Throwing Pain Away

Dr. Phil asks the guests to close their eyes. "I want you to imagine that you're sitting on the edge of an open pit," he says. "I want you to say what it is that is keeping you from having the life that you want " the resentments, the hates, the fears, the angers, the bitterness with yourself or with other people. And I want you to say it, and I want you to actually make a throwing motion that you are throwing it into the pit."

The group members voice their burdens and throw them away into the metaphorical pit.

"Give it a voice. Throw it into the pit," Dr. Phil encourages. "‘I throw into the pit my anger!' Do it. Throw it. Feel yourself throw it."

Nicole cries as she participates. Later, she says, "When I threw into the pit, I felt a bit silly at first, but then I just got going, and it just felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders," she says.

Carina says, "To throw stuff into the pit felt really good. Nobody's ever given me that option, the opportunity to throw things away like that."

Dr. Phil comforts Melissa, who struggles with the exercise.

Kathleen struggles as well. "I tried to throw away some of my fears, but I jerked them back as soon as I threw them away," she says.

Jessica R. says, "I was so emotional because these ideas, and these thoughts and these things that I tell myself on a daily basis are going out into some place other than me. And that was scary, letting that go. It was terrifying."

Dr. Phil instructs them all to stop, keep their eyes closed and take a deep breath. "I want you to imagine, ‘What if I actually could be free of all that? What if I actually could? What if my personal truth changed enough that I could name it, and I could step up and claim it?' Maybe before we leave, we'll seal this pit."