Finding Balance

Angie stands and shares, "I have wonderful parents. Both my mother and father molded me into what I am today."

"Did she teach you to take care of yourself?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I feel guilty when I take care of myself," she says.

"That's because you want to be a martyr, not a mother. That's because you don't recognize that it isn't selfish to preserve the gift that is you," Dr. Phil says. 

"Well, I feel like, when I was working two jobs and going to college, doing stuff for me was taking more time away from my daughter," she says.

"It's all about balance. If you take care of yourself, that's time away from her. It might reduce quantity, it won't reduce quality," Dr. Phil tells her. "You've got to balance it, you really do. You've got to live in a smaller house, and drive an older car, and get rid of a job so you can take care of yourself. I'd rather be house poor and family rich than the other way around."