Dr. Phil's Road Show: Cooking, Cake and Makeover

Dr. Phil's Road Show: Cooking, Cake and Makeover


Dr. Phil drops in on the couples for a surprise visit before their next challenge.


He asks Matt and Lindy, "Your theory is that although you fight in front of your kids all the time, that as long as you're not cussing, it's OK? But you do call each other 'stupid,' 'lazy,' 'bastard,' 'moron,' 'idiot,' 'crazy.' 'Are you deaf?' 'Are you stupid?' What would your 5-month-old say if there was vocabulary there?"


"'I want different parents,'" Lindy guesses. 


Dr. Phil turns to Tom and Nichole. "Seven days a week you guys fight. Your name calling is 'f***ing bitch,' 'f***ing psychotic,' 'f***ing crazy.'" He brings up the fact that Tom was cheating on someone else when he started seeing Nichole. "He left you when you were four months pregnant to go back to her," Dr. Phil points out. And Tom didn't show up for his daughter's birth.


Next, he turns to Barry and Katie. "You'd been married two weeks before talking divorce. What went wrong so fast?"


"It was wrong before we got married," says Barry. "I sort of got pushed into getting married."


Katie says she married Barry because she loved him, but Dr. Phil points out the names she calls him when they fight. "What do you do with people you don't love?" he asks her.


Dr. Phil tells all the couples, "I'll promise you this, you be real and I'll be real. I absolutely know what it takes to turn these marriages around. You can't fix what you don't acknowledge, so you've taken an important step."


Next, the couples compete in the cooking challenge. They meet Chef Alexx, the lead chef instructor at the Kitchen Academy. They're about to cook the most difficult recipe in the academy's cookbook: Sautéed Roquefort-Stuffed Pork Chops with Swiss Chard Bread Pudding and Wild Mushroom Ragout.


"You've got one hour to prepare a recipe to the best of your ability," Jay informs them. "The winner is going to receive a $12,000 kitchen from GE."

The couples dive in to their task, but not without a lot of hostility and bickering. "I'm not sure I want to get in between the two of you while you're holding a knife," Jay tells a very tense Lindy and Matt.

When the time is up, Chef Alexx judges the couples' dishes based on presentation and taste.

Barry and Katie get a C on presentation. When Chef Alexx tastes it, he says, "It's not bad."

When he sees Matt and Lindy's dish, he won't risk tasting it. "It's not edible," he says.

Upon seeing Tom and Nichole's dish, he says, "It doesn't look too bad." But after trying to cut a piece off, he says, "It's kind of like leather."


Back on stage, Dr. Phil addresses Matt. "You have a critical spirit in your marriage. Would you agree with that? Do you think that it poisons everything around you?"


"Yeah," says Matt.


"So if you change that, and if you start contributing to your marriage, instead of contaminating it, do you think [Lindy] would react differently?"


"Probably," he agrees.  


Dr. Phil compares a photo of the actual meal prepared by the Kitchen Academy and the meals the three couples prepared. "Clearly, you didn't win," he jokes with Matt and Lindy.

According to Chef Alexx, the winner of the cooking challenge is Barry and Katie! They win a $12,000 GE Profile Kitchen!


In another challenge, the couples have to assemble a six-layer wedding cake, all while having their hands and legs tied together!

Throughout the challenge, there is much laughter. And disastrous consequences!

Once again, Barry and Katie finished first! They win $1,000 in Williams-Sonoma baking products.

In the next challenge, the husbands are put in charge of their wives' makeovers! Inside their limousines, Jay breaks the news: "Today, your wives are getting a makeover. You are in charge of their new look. And your wives have 30 seconds to explain what they want their new look to be. Husbands, you will then have 30 seconds to explain that look to the stylists." He informs the women: "Oh, and wives, you will be blindfolded during the makeover."

The men get their instructions from their wives, and then communicate what the women want to the stylists. While the women get pampered, the men go shopping for an outfit for their better half, courtesy of Loehmann's.


While the wives are still blindfolded, Paige assists them with their new outfits. The results: Nichole's pants don't fit, Katie ends up with two right shoes and as Lindy takes off her blindfold to see her reflection in the mirror, she says "Oh, my God, I look like a plum!"

Since Barry picked out an outfit closest to Katie's style, they win again! They receive a $2,000 gift card for Loehmann's.