Dr. Phil's Road Show: Driving Challenge

Dr. Phil's Road Show: Driving Challenge


Paige breaks the news of the first challenge to the newlyweds. The couples will be tested on their navigation skills and their ability to work together. Each couple has to find their way from the beach to Burbank, a 31-mile trip, and then back to Hollywood. 

Their luggage is taken away and each couple is given $150 to purchase what they think they will need. The couples have to drive to Kmart in Burbank, make their purchases and then meet Paige at the

Hollywood Highland Center. The first couple to do so, wins.


"Gentlemen, you are in the drivers' seats. Ladies, you are the navigators; you are in control of the map," Paige tells them.


Although they fight along the way, Barry and Katie are the first to arrive. They win a $1,000 gift card to Kmart.

Tom and Nichole also fight during their trip, and they arrive at the final destination in second place.


Matt and Lindy spend a lot of time getting lost, asking for directions, fighting, and giving up. It takes them four-and-a-half hours to get to their destination. "We've discovered that whether we work together or not, we just can't navigate," says Matt.

Dr. Phil observes that Matt and Lindy had a negative attitude throughout the entire first challenge, which probably played a part in why they lost. "You didn't like anything. You didn't like us, you didn't like the
car, you didn't like the plan, you didn't like the challenges or anything about it. If you have that attitude toward life, toward yourselves, it just seems like that would kind of color everything," he tells them.


Challenge number two involves shopping together for ingredients that they will use in a recipe that they will cook. Each couple has 10 minutes to buy everything on their shopping list.

At Bristol Farms, Jay watches via security cameras as the couples shop. He counts down each minute over the loud speaker. While they shop, all the couples argue, but

Matt and Lindy have the most difficulty. "This is why we're on the Dr. Phil show. Because we can't even go shopping without wanting to strangle each other," says Lindy.

None of the couples complete their shopping in time, so there are no winners of this challenge.

Jay meets up with Matt and Lindy, who are still fighting. "You do realize that you two are fighting over mushrooms?" he asks.

"We're not usually pressured when we shop together," explains Matt.


"Yes, you're still a d**k when we shop together," Lindy tells Matt. "I can't do anything right. I'm just going to quit trying."


Lindy consults with Jay after the challenge, feeling very defeated. "We fight over little stuff all the time. I just don't think it can be saved. How do you keep someone from fighting in a grocery store? You're right, it's over mushrooms. And I give up. I just want to go home and get a divorce and call it a day."

If you truly want to go home and get a divorce, then I will call a limo to take you to the airport," says Jay. "But if you're here to get help, then I will get that for you." 


"I want my marriage to work," says Lindy, who agrees to continue with the challenges.


Dr. Phil speaks to Matt and Lindy. "Why did you get married?" he asks.

"Because I loved him?" Lindy says with uncertainty.

"How do you treat people you hate?" Dr. Phil asks.


Both Matt and Lindy predict that if their marriage doesn't change, they will end up divorced.


Dr. Phil tells them, "There comes a point where you've got to say, 'I'm either going to contribute to this marriage or I'm going to contaminate this marriage.' Eighty percent of your verbalizations are criticizing each other. You never worked the problem, you just attacked each other."

Someone needs to be the hero in this relationship. Either Matt or Lindy needs to make the decision to no longer fight. "At some point, somebody's got to step up and say, 'I quit. You're going to have to fight with yourself because I don't know how long I'm going to be in this world, and I'm going to get happy. There's nothing that's worth this,'" says Dr. Phil.


He reminds them, "If you're fighting about everything, you're fighting about nothing." Both Matt and Lindy are contaminating their relationship, but getting divorced wouldn't fix the problem because they'd take their contaminants into their next relationship.