Dr. Phil's Road Show, Part 2: Final Words

Dr. Phil's Road Show, Part 2: Final Words


Before awarding the final prizes, Dr. Phil has some parting words for all three couples. First, he informs them that he will arrange for counseling for all of them in their hometowns.

"One of the things I talk about a lot is personal truth," he explains. "It's what you believe about yourself. And everybody has one. It's what you believe about yourself when nobody's looking. You know, you can put on your makeup, you can dress up, you can go out, and you can put your face on. But we all have that voice inside that talks to us. And I think that's so important because I think you generate the results in your life that you believe you deserve."

He turns to Matt, "What about your personal truth has caused you to A) allow yourself to get overweight and out of shape, B) allow yourself to be in an unhappy and combative relationship, and C) just kind of go through life with, you said, ' a negative and pessimistic attitude'? Out of all the choices you could make in the world, why have you chosen that way to go through life?"


"The only thing I can think is that I have a real problem accepting happiness, and thinking that I deserve it. So I ultimately expect things to go badly, and to be unhappy, and so I guess I actively make decisions that generate that," says Matt.

"And do you realize that you spew that out? I mean, it's like a skunk walking into a room. They kind of have that aroma about them. And we're that way with our moods, too. Our moods can permeate the room," says Dr. Phil. He asks Lindy, "Do you have the same personal truth?"

"I do," she says.

Dr. Phil points out how unhappy Lindy was during all the challenges. No matter what she was asked to do, she didn't like it. "It really isn't about what's presented to you that you react to. You're looking at things through a very negative filter, right?"

"Yeah," says Lindy. "I don't like myself a lot. I don't like how I look, I don't like how I act. So obviously, when I'm put to do something, I'm not going to like it either way, because I don't like myself."


He plays some clips of Lindy complaining throughout all the challenges:

Lindy: It was a pain in the ass, and now we have to go get like four hours of sleep after being up for almost 72 hours straight, so I'm in a perfectly good mood. Let's go.

Lindy: It's not really fair, because we're at just a severe disadvantage from the other couples. Because we never have clothes that fit, because we're bigger than they are.

Lindy: How do you guys come up with these challenges? I mean seriously, couldn't you have a more realistic one, where they teach us a simpler dance, that we might actually have a chance of grasping? Because all this makes us do is makes us feel really stupid.

Lindy: I give up. I just want to go home and get a divorce, and call it a day.

Dr. Phil tells her, "We had you do ridiculous things like shop, drive a car, get dressed and dance with your husband. I mean, it really isn't the task, it's what you're looking through. And if that's what you choose, that's what you'll generate. But you can choose differently, it's all about choices."


Katie has a question. "I just want to know how to rebuild the trust in our relationship?" she asks.


Dr. Phil recommends that she and her husband both be an absolute open book to each other. "The way you're going to rebuild trust is by generating a new history that is not marked with infidelity, cheating, lying, and deception. Being where you're supposed to be, doing what you're supposed to do, when you're supposed to be doing it. Being able to be checked on, 24/7, and not being a surprise."

Dr. Phil addresses all of his couples about fighting in front of their children. "You can resolve right here, today in this studio, before you get in the car, before you get on the plane, before you get home, that, 'You know what? They didn't sign up for this, they didn't ask for this, and it burns their psychological skin every time we do it.' Don't make your kids pick up the tab for your poor choices."