Dr. Phil's Road Show, Part 2: The Big Prize

Dr. Phil's Road Show, Part 2: The Big Prize


Dr. Phil thanks all the newlywed couples for being good sports. "I want you all to go home and work on what I've talked about. It truly is about choices."


He announces the runners up first: Matt and Lindy, and Tom and Nichole. They each win $5,000 cash from ditech.com. Also, CruisesOnly.com is sending them on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on Carnival's Conquest ship!

Barry and Katie, who won all but one of the challenges will embark on a dream honeymoon!


UnforgettableHoneymoons.com and Air Pacific Airlines are sending them on a 7-night vacation at Qamea Resort and Spa on a private island

in Fiji, where they can enjoy five-star dining, private beach picnics, hiking and snorkeling.


Also, Cake and Art in West Hollywood is going to create a special anniversary cake for them.  


And last, but not least, ditech.com presents Barry and Katie with a check for $20,000!

"Awesome," says a shocked Katie, who explains that they never got a honeymoon.

"Thanks!" says Barry.





Congratulations to all the couples! Dr. Phil implores them to let their trips mark a new beginning in their marriages.