Dr. Phil's Vault: Audience Questions

Turning the Tables
Dr. Phil digs into his "vault" for stories you've never seen."
Sharon asks Dr. Phil: "Was there one particular life experience that directed you toward helping people?"

Dr. Phil explains that his dad got his doctorate in psychology while Dr. Phil was in high school. When Dr. Phil was bored, he'd read his father's books. "Then when it came time to go to college, I picked psychology because I figured it'd be easy since I'd already read all the books!" he says.

Linda asks, "Have you ever given advice that you've regretted?"

Dr. Phil jokes, "Of course not! Next question!" Then he answers, "Thet ruth is, I weigh very carefully what I say ... This is a powerful platform and I think I need to be a good steward of that platform. I know I have a sort of shoot-from-the-hip delivery, but I can tell you there's a lot of deliberation that goes into what I say before I say it. The only time I ever have any anxiety is if I feel like there's something I should've said that I didn't."

Terry asks Dr. Phil what issues he struggles with.

"I'm very impatient," Dr. Phil answers. "I have to work at that because I'm real focused on what I do, and I expect everybody around me to be focused on it at the same time ... I'm getting better about that."

Elaine asks: "Who has been the most influential person in your life?"

Dr. Phil has been blessed with many, including his father. "He was the first person on either side of my family to ever go to college. But for that, I may not have done it," says Dr. Phil, who was the second person in the family to go to college.

"Oprah has been a key person in my life because she brought me back to psychology," adds Dr. Phil, who had moved away from the field until Oprah told him, "You don't have the right to do that."

Lastly, his wife Robin and their two boys have influenced him immeasurably, changing his definition of what it means to be a successful man.

One guest wants to know how much hair Dr. Phil used to have, and the style he wore it in!

Dr. Phil explains, "I was in athletics, so I had to shower four or five times a day, so I always wore my hair really short."

He lost his hair early, he says, and he never drank alcohol, so he always looked much older and was always the designated driver! (He admits he was also the only one who looked old enough to buy alcohol!)

"I've always worn it short, and I didn't have it very long," he adds. "I was getting bald when I was like 20-something."
The next audience question is: "I would like to know what your greatest passion is."

Dr. Phil responds, "First off, I think passion is critical. I think that if you don't have something that you get up and are excited about every day in your life, that's a bad, bad thing."

It used to bother him, he says, that he wasn't sure what his passion was, or if he knew what he wanted out of life. "And then I realized that I really did," he says. "That passion, that goal for me, was I wanted to be vitally involved in something meaningful. That's always been my goal and I've always kind of been in a leadership position," he says, whether it was as a youngster in athletics or more recently in business. "That's been a passion that I've aspired to."

Secondly, he continues, "Probably at the absolute core, as I've said, it's my family."