Drew Peterson

A Look Inside

"We've left the house pretty much like it was when Stacy left," Drew says. "If you look at all the pictures of Stacy, she looks like a different person in every one. Everybody says, ‘How can she hide being so well known?' Well, women can really change their appearance, so her hiding out isn't as farfetched as some people are trying to say."

Drew shows off the bathroom, which features foliage on the ceiling, and painted giraffes, tiger cubs and other wildlife on the walls. "Stacy did all of this. The bathroom's a jungle room, which I thought had a kind of a unique look to everything," he says.

"All her clothes in the bedroom are just like they were the day she left," he says switching on the light in a walk-in closet. "These are all her clothes, and basically nothing's been changed or moved around. I don't know if I can't bring myself to do it or haven't had the time. It's just like I'm kind of hesitant to move anything or change anything, and I can't figure out why. I'll leave everything the same as I can to give the kids their sense of normalcy.

"I really feel, after the state police came in here and did a search warrant, I really feel kind of like a rape victim would feel " dirty because they were in here violating my home," he continues. "I found out the other day there is, like, an 8 x 8-inch hole I found in the back of my mattress that they tried hiding."

Drew gestures to the floor board behind his bed. "I got a big chunk of rug cut out. We spilled red juice. I don't know if they thought it was blood or whatever they think it was," he says with a sarcastic laugh. "I have a little bit of a problem with a forensics expert coming in and can't tell the difference between blood and red juice.

"They took a Rug Doctor I used for cleaning up after the kids. They took cameras; they took my guns," Drew continues. "I think the house is totally wired and miked up, which is fine. I've got nothing to hide."

Piggybacking on Drew's last comment in his taped interview, Dr. Phil says, "So you think you're being listened to?" 


"Sure," Drew replies.


"You think they're watching this interview with great interest?"


"Oh, without a doubt."

"At this point, do you believe that most people don't believe you?"

"Yes, I believe that," Drew says.

Dr. Phil acknowledges that his audience has maintained a sense of decorum for Drew. "But you realize that there is a significant portion of this group, right now, that thinks they're sitting here with either a murderer or a double murderer," he says.

"Right," he answers. "It's actually kind of scary. But realistically, I'm becoming very numb to it all."