Drew Peterson

The Town Responds

Residents in Drew's hometown don't hold back their feelings of the former lawman.


"Drew Peterson is very suspicious, very sneaky," says a woman with sunglasses perched atop her hair.

"Drew Peterson is a murderer and a liar," says a man wearing shades.

"I see him taking advantage of the spotlight that's on him, and there's just something deceitful about it," says another woman.

A bald man is the lone dissenting voice. "We're in a country where a man is innocent until proven guilty," he says.

The townspeople reflect on Drew's first wife, Kathleen, whose body was exhumed after Stacy's disappearance.

"Kathleen Savio's autopsy was conclusive that she was murdered, and I wouldn't put it past him," says a woman in a pink shirt.

The man wearing shades says his town is tainted now. "Everyone refers to Bolingbrook now as where the cop killed his wife," he says.

When the taped segment ends, Dr. Phil turns to Drew. "That's got to hurt," he says.

"Oh, very much," Drew says. "I try to be numb to it, but it still hurts." 

A graphic appears on the big screen behind Dr. Phil listing allegations against Drew. Dr. Phil reads from the list. "Stacy's family says Stacy told Drew she wanted a divorce shortly before she disappeared. Is that true?" he asks.

"No," Drew replies. "I hate saying this, but the reality of it is she told me she wanted a divorce once a month."

"So you're saying it varied with her menstrual cycle," Dr. Phil clarifies.

"Very much so. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to anybody in saying that, but that was a reality."

"There's an allegation or an accusation that Stacy told a neighbor if anything happened to her, it was not an accident, that Drew had killed her," Dr. Phil reads. "Do you think that she actually said that to a neighbor?"

"I really have to question the credibility of the neighbor," Drew says. "Stacy and I still, even with her difficulties, we still had a very romantic relationship. We still were together a lot. We still spent time cuddling."

Dr. Phil can't mask his bewilderment. "Drew, if you had a romantic relationship "  if you were still intimate and affectionate and together with one other " how could she disappear and you not dismantle the world looking for her?" he asks.

"I don't know," Drew says. "I think I've done all that I can do and all I have the resources available to do."

"Were you in love with her when she disappeared?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"Yes. Very much so," Drew answers.

"Are you in love with her today?"

"I try to be, but I have a lot of anger issues about it now, that she took off like she did," Drew says.

Another point on the graphic is that Drew constantly called to check up on Stacy. "In fact, it got to the point of being controlling," Dr. Phil says.

"We were always calling each other. I don't think it was a one-way thing. I wasn't trying to be controlling. When you have a romantic relationship with somebody, you're calling them all the time," Drew says.

"It's also been alleged that Stacy told her sister that she feared for her life. Do you believe she said that to her sister?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Again, I don't know. If she was trying to set me up for some sort or divorce or anything, that might have been a way to do it."

"In that you did have a pattern of calling each other all the time, why did you not call her the day she disappeared?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I did, but she wanted her space," Drew says. "That day I gave her, her space."

Dr. Phil continues questioning Drew's relationship with Stacy. "Did you ever get physical with her? Did you ever attack her? Did you ever have a physical fight?" he asks. 

"There was a physical confrontation where I cornered her in the kitchen one time, and she hit me in the head with a frozen steak, but I didn't retaliate or anything," Drew says.

"Her stepsister says that you threw Stacy down the stairs, knocked her into the TV and threw her across the room."

"That never happened."

"Why are these people saying these things?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I don't know, unless they're trying to add some sort of fuel to the fire," Drew answers.

Dr. Phil mentions a controversial statement made by Drew's stepbrother. "He says that he helped you move a blue barrel that was warm to the touch. He told friends that he thought, after the fact, that he actually helped you move her body," he says.

"That didn't happen," Drew replies.

"Was there a blue barrel?"


"Did he come over and help you do anything, move anything, do anything?"

"Never. I was with him the day before. I was attempting to get him a job at a grocery store. He had just lost his job. He was so intoxicated or high on something that I had to cancel the interview, and we couldn't follow through with it," Drew responds.