Driven to Succeed: Maggie

Dedicated to Helping Others

"My daughter Maggie is 11 years old. She's always been really outgoing and caring. She's a sweet little girl," says Melanie. "About two years ago, she became ill. Before we knew what was wrong with Maggie, we were worried, but I just felt like it couldn't be anything too serious because after what we had been through with Katrina, and losing our house and having to rebuild it, that God wouldn't do that to us. And when the doctors did a CAT scan, they found out that she had a brain tumor. We were shocked and devastated. She had 30 radiation treatments that lasted over six weeks, and then she started chemotherapy. That spanned almost a year. I've learned through all of this that Maggie is amazing."


[AD]Melanie and her husband are from New Orleans, so Maggie was born a Saints fan, but she's never been to a game. "Maggie really likes the Saints, and her two favorite players are Drew Brees and Darren Sharper. Make-A-Wish found out about Maggie's wish and thought that they could help," she says. "It would be so great for Maggie to have something special to do to kind of make up for the years of her childhood that she's missed out on, having to deal with her illness and all her treatment."



In studio, Dr. Phil asks Melanie, "How is she doing now?"


"She's doing great. We finished her treatments in February and hopefully, we're done forever," she says. 


"How tough has she been?" Dr. Phil asks.


"She's amazing. You never know until you're put in some kind of situation like this. She's so strong," Melanie says with a smile.


[AD]"Just a little anecdote about this precious girl," Dr. Phil says. "Pantene has a program where people can donate hair to make wigs for cancer patients who lose their hair due to chemotherapy, and Maggie donated eight inches of her hair before she ever knew that she was sick or had cancer, and just a few months later, she was diagnosed herself. That just shows you that she was reaching out to people, not knowing that she would be in that same boat at some point."


"I think she's amazing," Coach Payton says.

Sean and Dr. Phil share surprises with Maggie.