Drug Troubles: Brad and Rick

Drug Troubles: Brad and Rick

"I've damaged the house a lot because of my temper," Brad admits.

Dawn shows the doors that Brad has punched holes in and torn off the wall. "When you see these doors and know that your child put his hand through it, that scares me to death. I was very scared of Bradley and thought that he might
be angry enough to do something to me."

"I just snapped in a second," Brad says. "This is where I hit the walls, and the blood was everywhere and all over the place. The only regret that I have after I do anything bad is that I'm going to have to clean it up afterward."

Brad doesn't see what the big deal is with his chioce of extra-curricular activity. "From what I've seen, 80 percent of the school smokes pot. It's a normal thing. People don't see it as evil as my parents do," he says. "I want to ask Dr. Phil if he ever smoked marijuana before. Even my mom said that she's tried brownies once, and if she's tried them, I think Dr. Phil probably has. I think it would be kind of cool to ask him that."


Dr. Phil answers him. "Let me be very clear about that: No, I haven't. And what's more, I haven't had a drink in 40 years. I don't have any objection to people drinking in moderation, but my father was a severe alcoholic, and anything that even approximated an intoxicant was something that I just didn't want to be a part of my life because I see what it can do to people's lives when it gets control of them, like it apparently has with you," he says. "Because at this point, you're a daily user, right?"

"No, I'm not," Brad says. "Some days I'll smoke before I go to school; sometimes I won't."

Brad says his behavior has been influenced by his father. "My dad has cheated on my mom a few times, maybe four or five actually, and he's cussed at her a lot when I was really young, so I learned to take out my aggression by hitting and cussing," he says. "I overheard my parents talking. He was denying cheating on my mom, so I looked in his phone book, and I saw the calls from different women. I felt
betrayed he was cheating on my mother, but still, it felt like he was lying to the whole family. I've tried to forgive my dad for it. I don't think I could, really."


Back onstage, Rick tells Dr Phil, "I've made mistakes in my past when Dawn and I have been separated ... But I haven't since then. I always took care of my family."

Dr. Phil questions him about allowing Brad to drink at his 16th birthday party. "That's against the law. What was your theory about this as parents?"

"This is an ongoing argument with my husband and me," Dawn explains. "I tried marijuana once when I was a teenager, and I'm very open with my children, and so we had discussed that. I do not use intoxicants. I don't drink. I don't do any of that, and I don't want it in my home."

"And you've had a problem with that, right?" Dr. Phil asks Rick.

"Years and years ago, yes, I did. It got out of hand, and I stopped," he says.

"And how did it go at his 16th birthday party when you let him drink?" Dr. Phil asks Rick.

"It didn't go down very well, Dr. Phil," Rick admits.

Brad explains that the fight started when his father called his girlfriend a name. "I told him to never say that again, never disrespect anybody I care about ever again, and he got me in a headlock, and I busted out, and I hit him, knocked him out. And that's how my 16th birthday went."

"Come on, guys, you've got to know this isn't right. I mean, your kid's addicted to drugs," Dr. Phil tells Rick and Dawn.

"I do know that. He thinks he's not," Dawn says.

"I know, but he's smug about it all. But the fact of the matter is he's a drug addict," Dr. Phil says.

"It's not drugs. It's marijuana," Brad argues. "I mean, it relaxes me. It sets my mind straight, it un-tenses me and everything."

"And we know that because your life is going so well in so many areas, right?" Dr. Phil fires back. "You don't consider that you have any change-worthy behavior?"

"Oh, I have a horrible temper. I agree on that. I definitely need to work on that, but as far as smoking is concerned, I don't think I will stop doing that," Brad says.

"Well, if it works so well for you, if it keeps you so calm and all, why do you have such a horrible temper?"

"That's when I'm not smoking. That's when I'm off of it for weeks," he says.

"OK, so if we can just keep you high all the time ... " Dr. Phil says sarcastically. "That's no fix, is it?"

"No. I didn't say that," Brad says.

"So you wouldn't put marijuana on your to-do list of things to eliminate or change?" Dr. Phil asks Brad.

"No. Marijuana is there. It's not the main factor in my life. My life would be going the same way it's going with or without it," he says.

"We desperately need help," Dawn says. "Bradley feels like he can wake up in the morning and smoke, and we ought to not say anything, and he can go to his friends " "

"I did not say that either," Brad argues.

The tension rises as the family argues about what was said.

"You know, he says he smokes to put up with you two," Dr. Phil says to Dawn and Rick.

"I know," Dawn says.

"It helps," Brad says.

"But what he's angry at me so much about is that I'm on him about this," she says.

Dr. Phil tells them he has invited Dr. Frank Lawlis to sit down with the family backstage to talk about this topic some more. "I'm going to tell you what I think needs to happen. I think this family needs some consultation. If this was my son, he would be in a drug rehabilitation program before dark today. That's just me. I would have a family intervention plan in place to
try to come up with something where he can create the kind of future that he wants and deserves," Dr. Phil says. He tells Brad, "At this point, I don't rely much on your judgment because you're on drugs."

"I'm not addicted to it," Brad argues. "If a person needs rehab, that means they can't go without it. I haven't smoked for three days. I'm perfectly fine. I don't crave it. I don't want it."

Rick says, "Dr. Phil, if we put him in a drug rehab program, he said he'll do anything he can to escape, using pens, knives " "

"I'd fight tooth and nail to get out of there," Brad says.

"I have not found one that says they'll take him unless he's willing to go," Dawn says.

Dr. Phil raises his eyebrows and smiles.

"Try it," Brad warns.

"The point is, you just have to come up with a plan, and we're going to sit down and talk about that," Dr. Phil says. "But if you continue to just let him do what he is doing, then you are being negligent as parents."

The family agrees to talk with Dr. Lawlis backstage.