Drug Troubles: Tecoa Update

Drug Troubles: Tecoa Update

After Tecoa's last relapse, she was back on the streets, prostituting for drugs. Joani, who originally brought Tecoa and her twin sister's story to Dr.

Phil, went on a month-long search for her. Eventually, she tracks Tecoa down " in jail.

"Tecoa was arrested two hours ago for an unauthorized hypodermic needle," Joani explains. After a phone conversation with Tecoa, she says, "She was emotional. She was crying, that it was somebody else's needle. You're always innocent in jail. She's upset because she's in withdrawal. She was doing four to five balloons of tar heroin, so it's a big habit."


Tecoa, who has had two children " one who lives with his father and another who was placed for adoption " is pregnant again.

Tecoa is released from jail the following day, and Joani again patrols the streets, looking for her. After many hours, Joani finds her and picks her up. Tecoa is sweaty, she says, from "trucking it, trying to score."

Back at a hotel, Tecoa tells Joani she's disappointed in herself. "What the ****, you know? It's like I just keep testing the ******* waters, and I feel so retarded sometimes because I make the same mistake over, and over and over again."

Tecoa's twin sister, Sarah, who is clean and sober, meets with Dr. Phil and Joani first.

"How are you doing with staying clean and sober?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"Awesome," Sarah says with a smile. "Physically and emotionally, I feel awesome. And spiritually, I feel great."

"I can't tell you how happy I am for you," Dr. Phil says. "All is not sweetness and light. Let's talk about Tecoa."

Joani fills in Dr. Phil and Sarah about her search for Tecoa and finding her on the street, pregnant and using drugs again.

Dr. Phil tells them he is prepared to send her back into rehab. "I'm not turning loose this girl."

Tecoa enters and sits down. She tells Dr. Phil, "I've been ******* up."

"What happened?" Dr. Phil asks.

"We got evicted, life stresses, my job. They were cutting my hours. I had a boyfriend, and I broke up with him," she says.

"But you were counseled not to have a boyfriend, right?"

"Yeah, I was. It was a mistake," Tecoa admits.

"What did you say to yourself the first night you used again?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I said to myself, â€ƤI hope this is the only time I can do this, and I hope I don't choose to do this tomorrow,' but I knew I was going to want it the next day even more and more," she says.

"How much have you been doing every day?"

"Like, four, sometimes five balloons a day," she says.

"How are you getting the money for that?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Most of the people I hung around just bought it for me. Other ways, I did prostitute a little bit," Tecoa says.

"So tell me about the pregnancy," Dr. Phil says. "Were you on birth control?"

"No. We used condoms, but obviously, it doesn't always work," she says.

"You weren't on birth control. You got pregnant, had a baby. Got pregnant, had another baby. Now you're pregnant with another baby. How can you not be on birth control, Tecoa? You can afford drugs, but you can't afford birth control? You can get that free at the family planning clinic," Dr. Phil says. Although Tecoa claims she's less than three months into her pregnancy, Dr. Phil is doubtful. "You're showing. I'm not so sure your math is right."

"I'm hearing addict-speak. You've got an excuse for this, a story for that," Dr. Phil tells her. "You've gone back to where you were when I met you. You're hooking, you're lying, you're in trouble with the police, you're pregnant, you're using, which means you have a steep hill to climb." Dr. Phil offers to send

Tecoa to La Hacienda.

"I'm ready," Tecoa says.

As he says goodbye, Dr. Phil tells her, "I expect big things from you. Use everything they offer you down there. You're worth this."

"I know," she says.


Four months have passed, and La Hacienda is proud to report that both Sarah and Tecoa are clean and sober.