Etiquette: Nasty Husband

Etiquette: Nasty Husband

"My husband has really bad etiquette. He'll pick his nose at home and wipe it under the computer desk or the chair," reveals Kara, pointing to a booger stuck to a piece of paper.


"I pick my nose daily because I do have sinus problems," Will says in his defense.


"He'll leave the door open when he's pooping, and he'll talk. We'll be cuddling, and he'll fart and try to shove me under the covers, and then he wonders why I never want to have sex with him," Kara says. "He farted during our wedding while we were saying our vows."


Will sees his behavior as normal. "Guys are allowed to fart and all that stuff because we're guys," he explains. 


"He'll come up behind me and try to hump me while we're at the grocery store," Kara says. She worries that their 4-month-old daughter, Megan, will pick up on Will's bad habits.


"My wife needs to realize that I'm an adult, and this is natural behavior for a male," Will says.


Pointing out that her husband is 27, Kara says, "If he wants to act like a grown man and have grown man responsibilities, he needs to stop doing little kid things because he thinks they're funny."

"I don't even know where to begin," Dr. Phil teases. In mock exasperation, he invites Peggy Post to have a seat in his chair.


"First of all, it's time to grow up," Peggy tells Will. "I'm not being a spoilsport. You can still have fun, but etiquette is about being respectful and considerate."


"You say it's just about being a guy, right?" Dr. Phil asks Will.


Will replies, "It's what we do."


"You can still have fun, but think about your daughter, if nothing else," Peggy advises.


"What about passing gas, either privately or in public?" Dr. Phil asks Peggy.


"It's a natural happening. Privately is better, of course," she says with a smile. Facing Will, she continues. "I know boys will be boys, but you're a father now. Think about your daughter. She's picking up on everything that you're doing." 




"It's really embarrassing when he'll walk up behind me when I'm at the grocery store and try to hump me, or when he'll fart in line and leave me standing there so people think it's me," Kara tells Dr. Phil. 


"It keeps it lively around the house," Will explains.


"Do you think what Peggy is saying is right, that maybe you want to dial this down a little bit?" Dr. Phil asks Will.


"Some of it," he replies.


Dr. Phil reminds Will that he needs to set a good example for his daughter. "Would that bother you if somebody she was dating did everything that you're doing?"


"I don't plan on doing it in front of her when she gets older," Will answers.


Peggy explains a Golden Rule of parenting: Always behave in the way you want your child to behave. "Not sometimes " because she's picking up everything you're doing," she warns Will.