Exhibitionsits: Streaker

Exhibitionsits: Streaker

Mark has literally exposed himself to the world during his streaking antics at major sporting events. Because of the charges pending

against him for these pranks, he is not allowed to come to the United States, so he joins the show via satellite from London.


"So, 444 times. Is this a world record?" Dr. Phil asks Mark.

"The unofficial world record," he says. A few years ago, the Guinness World Records gave him the title, The World's Most Prolific Streaker, but they didn't mention it in the book because they didn't want to encourage others to behave like him. "I've done every major event in the world. Nobody can copy what I do."

"How do you think you got so involved in this?" Dr. Phil asks. "Surely, you weren't sitting in the sandbox saying, ‘Someday, I'm going to show it all to everybody in the world.'"

"I had no intentions of doing this ever," he says, explaining that while working in Hong Kong, he got drunk one night, and some people told him about a woman who had streaked at an event. He decided anyone could streak, so when his boss challenged him, he did it the next day. "It was only the drink talking. I had no intention," he says. His friends showed up, threw him in a cab and sent him to the stadium.


"You say it's just the drink talking. You must drink a lot," Dr. Phil joshes.

Dr. Phil asks Mark about streaking at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

"I like to use my mind, and look at an event and try and change it around," he says. He wore gloves, carried a mop, wore clothes pins on his ears and prepared to brush the ice. "But at the same time, don't go on the ice. You don't get involved in the actual events. You do something that's fun, and you walk off. You get arrested by the police or chased by the police, and that's all part of the performance for the crowd."

"So there are, like, streaker ethics?" Dr. Phil asks jokingly.

"Of course," Mark says.


"Didn't you run onto the field at the Super Bowl?" Dr. Phil asks. Referring to a picture of Mark on the field, he says, "That looks like you're kind of involved in the game."

Mark explains that he ran on the field before the second half of the game started. "I ripped my clothes off and started to Riverdance," he says.

Dr. Phil points out that Mark streaked the same Super Bowl where Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake caused a ruckus.


What do your kids think of this?" Dr. Phil asks Mark. 

"My oldest is 18. She thinks it's great," he says, adding that his two younger children have grown up with him as a streaker, but his 13-year-old son wants him to rein in the behavior. "I've wound down a hell of a lot, and I haven't streaked in England for a number of years, so I'm at the point where it's nearly time to call it a day completely."

Showing a picture of Mark at the Ryder Cup in Ireland, Dr. Phil asks, "Are you diving here?"

"I went straight in the water," Mark says.

Dr. Phil asks Mark how he would react if his son stripped and ran naked through his school's soccer game.

"I don't think he's got any intentions of following in my footsteps," he says. "Later on in life if he wants to go streak at an event, I won't encourage him. It's going to be his decision. If he wants to go see what all the fuss is about, I'll explain the repercussions and what's going to happen, but I'll never encourage him to do it, but at the same time, I've got to say, everybody should try to streak at least once." He suggests Dr. Phil try it, too!