Extreme Follow-up: Three Sisters

Extreme Follow-up: Three Sisters

When Cathy and Micki were last on the show, they were estranged from their half-sister, Hollie. Both women say they were molested by their stepdad, who is Hollie's father. Hollie felt stuck in the middle and wanted her sisters to forgive her father.  


In the green room after the show, Cathy expressed hope for reconciliation. "[Dr. Phil] did validate the concerns that I had to Hollie. It's not my job to correct her thinking. It's just my job to get to know her as a sister."

Hollie felt otherwise, and vented her frustration. "They were able to get their story out and be heard, but they don't care about how it affected me," she said tearfully. 

Micki chimed in, "We need to stop taking out how we feel about your dad on you."

Cathy agreed, "What we need from you is acceptance that these bad things have happened."

Instead of sending the women directly home after the show, Dr. Phil suggested that they share a meal together and get the chance to bond. "If we would have gone home right after the show, this wouldn't have worked out the way that it did," says Micki. "That dinner helped us reconnect and understand where each other was coming from."

Two months after being on the show, Cathy sees an improvement in her relationship with Hollie. "It was important for Hollie to hear my side of the story. I just needed her to believe me so that I could close that chapter and move on," she says. "I no longer see Hollie as her father. I see her as her own person."

"I feel like we're able to drop that baggage off, and enjoy each other as sisters," Micki says.

Hollie feels that Dr. Phil helped change her sisters' perspective, and she feels closer to them as a result. "I feel like Cathy has been listening to me more and there's a sense of care when we talk now. I gained sisters out of the show," she says with a smile.

Micki received a wake-up call as well. "The thing that Dr. Phil said that affected me the most was when he pointed out that Hollie didn't have anybody to lean on," she says. "I was pushing her closer to her father and farther away from me." 

"It's absolutely amazing how far-reaching something like molestation can be. It doesn't just affect you privately. It doesn't just affect your relationship with the molester. It can affect all of your relationships, and leave you feeling very isolated and alone," Dr. Phil explains. "If you're in that situation, hear what is being said. You've got to reach out. You've got to get some help."