Extreme Follow-ups: Julie and Kyle

Baby Talker
Dr. Phil checks back in with some of his extreme guests.
When Julie saw herself on the show, she stopped baby talking cold turkey. "I was just so completely embarrassed," says Julie, who thinks of Dr. Phil when she feels like she might go back to her old ways.

Julie realized that she wasn't showing Kyle respect by talking to him that way. "He's such a wonderful husband. He's stuck by me through some difficult times in our marriage. We've only been married three years and the majority of our marriage, I've been very, very sick, and he, the whole time, has been ..." Julie gets choked up. "And the way I was treating him in the past just wasn't right because I have something really great here and I didn't show that before. It really made me realize I need to change because I have a really great husband."

The audience applauds and Dr. Phil tells them, "I tell you what: You are looking at the reason I do this show."