Family Court Battles: How it Began

Family Court Battles: How it Began

"Rita's husband, Garrett, was my boyfriend in high school my freshman year," Lisa reveals. "Rita was having sex with Garrett when he was 18, and she was 31. At 14, this was a huge betrayal. I was in shock and embarrassed."


"I think Lisa did consider Garrett a boyfriend, but I don't think the feeling was mutual," says Rita.


"It was horrible. I watched my dad cry every night. I got harassed at school," Lisa recalls with tears welling in her eyes. "We lived in a small town. I was th

e brunt of a lot of jokes. ‘Where's your mother? Sleeping with your ex-boyfriend?'"


Rita says she didn't start her relationship with Garrett until after her divorce. "That's another one of Lisa's misconceptions," she says. "He pursued me, and we've been together almost 30 years."


"Did you start dating her ex-boyfriend when you were 31 and he was 18?" Dr. Phil asks Rita.

"No, I didn't," she says.

"Did you start having sex with him when you were 31 and he was 18?"

"No, I did not."

"I'm 44, and she's been with him 30 years," Lisa interjects.

"First off, she never dated him really," Rita says. "She had a severe crush on my husband, and her father and I both told her, ‘He is too old for you.'" She adds that Lisa was a freshman, and Garrett was a senior.

"Is there just bad blood?" Dr. Phil asks Lisa. "Did this start there, and it's just boiled up until now?"

"I've tried to forgive her a lot, but it always ends up the same. There's no trust," she says.

"My husband's walked her down the aisle twice. All of our grandkids know my husband as their grandfather," Rita says.

"I still really love Garrett," Lisa says to her mother. "He's a nice person, until you drove him crazy."

"She thinks because she has a friendship or a platonic relationship with a man, that after that point, she owns that man," Rita tells Dr. Phil.

"Is there a tug-of-war going on here, and Koal is the rope?" Dr. Phil asks Rita.


"That's not my purpose," Rita says. "I don't tell Koal anything." She says she is fighting so that Koal can have a relationship with her as his grandmother.

"Why Koal and not the others?" Lisa asks.

"You have four other grandkids you have the choice to see, and you see none of them," Brian adds.

The women engage in a heated exchange.