Family Court Battles: Ketih

Family Court Battles: Ketih

"I won my grandparent's rights case because I proved that there was a bond between my grandson, Koal, and myself," Rita says.


"The day that Rita won the right to see Koal, my heart fell out of my chest. I felt I had failed my son as a father," says Keith, Lisa's ex-husband. "It seems like a loophole to me, and she's found it and jumped right in it. When you're divorced, there's a law out there that actually allows people who say they have a right to see your child to step in. I'm very pissed off at the court. It makes no sense to me, whatsoever."


"I am still unable to see Koal because of actions that Lisa and Koal's father, Keith, have taken," Rita explains. "I'm very frustrated because even though I've had two visits with Koal, it still hasn't allowed me to have the time with him that I deserve as a grandparent."


Keith says that Rita claimed he tried to rape her. "There are two things in life I don't tolerate: thieves and liars. I definitely don't want a person around Koal who lies," he shares.


Dr. Phil asks Rita if she accused Keith of trying to rape her. She denies saying it. "Why do you say that she's accused you of trying to rape

her?" Dr. Phil asks Keith.

"Because she has," he says, noting that Rita made the statement to Lisa when they were married. "She said I was sneaking under her door trying to get in and rape her."

Lisa agrees with Keith's statement, but Rita denies it.

"If that was the case, I would have called the police, and he would have been spending his time in jail," she says.

Dr. Phil turns to Lisa and asks, "Why are you here?"

"I just want to be free," she says.

"Why have you engaged back and forth with this lawsuit stuff?" Dr. Phil asks.

"We had no choice. She filed it. We had to appear," she says.

"I was left with no other alternative," Rita interjects.

Lisa points out that Rita doesn't see any of her grandkids. "Since we haven't talked since 2002, she's never sent even my two little ones a card, a birthday card. She's never tried," she says.

"She says you cut up the gifts that she bought for the kids and left them in her yard," Dr. Phil says to Lisa.

"What gifts?" Lisa asks, noting that she didn't even have children during the time this supposedly happened.

"She did a drive-by and threw it out of her window," Rita says.

"You're so full of it," Lisa says in an agitated tone.

"These are factual matters," Dr. Phil points out. "Somebody is lying."

Both women maintain their claims.

When Rita says the incident occurred in 1990 or 1991, Lisa says, "Koal wasn't even born until '94. I didn't have a kid," Lisa says to her mother.

The women bicker.

"You're annoying," Rita tells her daughter.

Lisa points out that her sister returned items to Rita.

Dr. Phil asks Lisa, "Do you tell your kids that Rita is a witch who will burn them?"

"No," she says.

"Do you finish prayers by saying, ‘Protect us from the wicked witch, Grandmother'?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No," Lisa says.

Rita says that statement was made in court.

"By your sister, whom you put in jail and filed a restraining order against," Lisa says.

Rita says the judge filed an order to keep her sister away from her.