Family First: Follow-up, Part 2: John and Devon's Kids

Family First: Follow-up, Part 2: John and Devon's Kids
Dr. Phil checks back in with two families in crisis.
"With Kyle, I have seen progress," says Devon. "He doesn't pick on Katie as much. He's not as sassy to me as he once was."

She also has seen changes in their daughter, Katie. "Since the meeting with Dr. Lawlis, Katie's personality is starting to blossom," says Devon. "She's on a low sugar diet. Before we saw the second show, she had a D in English. And a week and a half ago, she had an A. The medication is helping her peronality. Katie is making friends. She's on the phone two or three hours a day and normally a parent would say something, but I'm just overjoyed."

But when it comes to their other son, John Jr., Devon says, "It was really good for maybe two, two and a half weeks, and then he went backwards."

John has seen progress. "The things that Dr. Phil said that hit home to me were: me letting bullies live in my house, John being a punk, and taking back charge of my home."
Cameras capture John talking to his son, John Jr., who used to bully his sister and disrespect his mother.

John: Do you understand me? Cameras or no cameras, Los Angeles or no Los Angeles, Dr. Phil or no Dr. Phil, that's the way it's going to be. He made me understand that you're out of control, and I'm taking care of the problem.

"The last show pretty much hammered his attitude," says John. "He saw himself on TV saying, 'I have a big mouth and I run it.' That hit home to him pretty good.

But when John Jr. needed to be disciplined, John remembered Dr. Phil's advice. "I actually sat back and thought, 'Well, Dr. Phil says to strip his room.' I took his TV. And that was pretty rough," says John. "I said, 'If you don't straighten up, you're going to be sleeping on the damn floor.' Here's my theory: Put them in prison now, or let them go to prison when they get older."
"Are you staying the course?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, sir," says John. "You told me project status. Family. You told me, 'Go commando.' I'm ex-military. I've gone commando. Exactly what you told me to do. And it was probably harder on me than it was on him, but it's worked."

"Now let me give you a little coaching here, a little OJT," says Dr. Phil. "I think everything you were just doing with him was really good. If he is out of control, if he's not doing what he needs to be doing, he needs to understand, 'If I behave at a low level of quality, my life is going to be at a low level of quality. I'm not going to behave poorly and have all of these luxuries and all of these things that come from being a good family member, a good family citizen.' What I don't like is you don't need to be yelling and screaming and managing him by intimidation. I told you to go home and visit consequences on him so he understands, 'When I choose the behavior, I choose the consequences.' But when you yell and scream and bow up on him and intimidate him, you are modeling that behavior. You know what he's going to do when you do that? He's going to turn around and do that to his little brother. Or he's going to turn around and do it to his little sister. Because you go to the next level in the pecking order. You want to do this calmly, so he goes, 'I don't know what's happened here. But all of a sudden, he's like the terminator. He's not yelling, he's not screaming, he just keeps coming after my stuff.'"