Family Freeloaders

Family Freeloaders
Dr. Phil finds out why family freeloaders are taking advantage of the ones they love.
When their mother passed away five years ago, Chantelle then 19, took in her 15-year-old brother, Derek.

Though Derek was lazy, leaving the majority of the chores (cleaning the house, paying bills, feeding the pets) to Chantelle, she thought he would grow out of it by the time he was 18.

Derek is currently 20 years old and still leaves pots on the stove until they burn and forgets to feed the dog.

Chantelle claims that Derek's inconsiderate behavior forces her to limit her social life so she can be home to take care of the house. "Now that he's 20, I still do majority of cooking, cleaning and bill paying," Chantelle says.

Dr. Phil acknowledges the strength Chantelle and Derek exhibited in coming together during their mother's death, but he tells Chantelle that she has to stop feeling guilty and start helping Derek live his own life.

Dr. Phil suggests that Derek move out of his sister's house and experience living on his own. "You are crippling each other's lives here," Dr. Phil tells Chantelle and Derek.

"You're not being mean to him by requiring him to grow up," Dr. Phil reassures Chantelle, who feels guilty about pushing her brother out.