The Anti-Gym
Watch Michael's unique approach to training his clients.


Dr. Phil asks Michael, "Is it your opinion that if somebody comes to you, and they're 100 pounds overweight, and they get in better shape and get back to an ideal body weight that is reflected by a return to health and other things, that they're a better person than they were before they lost the weight?"

"I wouldn't say a better person. A healthier person and a happier person," he says.

"You've said, ‘I don't want fat people to invade my space,'" Dr. Phil says.

[AD]"I don't want fat people invading my space," he says, adding that he believes large people should buy two seats on an airplane. "Nobody wants to address why these people keep getting larger and larger, costing us more money for health insurance, costing us more money in fuel costs, causing so many problems in our country. If nobody wants to address it, we're going to be talking about three airline seats in a couple of decades."