He Says
Bradman has a different version of events than his former teacher and mother of his two children, Anne. He says he was seduced by her and forced to keep their relationship a secret. “Anne told me I could never tell anyone about our relationship — not another living soul,” he says.

“After my first daughter was born, I wasn’t allowed to sign anything, even the birth certificate,” Bradman says of keeping their relationship secret. “I felt like I was living two different lives.” He says the stress has weighed on him mentally and physically.

Bradman joins the show with his attorney, Enrique Torres.

Bradman answers to Anne’s accusations.

Bradman says that despite Anne telling him that she’d never slept with other students, she eventually changed her story.

He says the two also never practiced safe sex. When he learned that Anne was pregnant, he says that he felt trapped. “I felt like, ‘No, this is not what I want,’” he says.

Bradman admits that the relationship turned abusive, but he isn't to blame.  “Our fights did get physical,” he says. “She punched me. She slapped me. She hit me. She spit in my face. She’s even gone so far as to stalk me. Once, Anne saw me with another female and she tried to run me over with her car."

Dr. Phil plays voicemails that portray Bradman in a different light. Plus, why does Bradman say he turned Anne in to authorities?

[AD]Bradman says that Anne is making up accusations of abuse against him because, “It’s the only card that she has to play. She’s trying to play the victim, but in reality, I am,” he says. Bradman says emphatically that he was a student when their relationship started. He says they began their sexual relationship when he was a freshman and it continued through his high school graduation.