The Real Levi Johnston

Levi's manager, Tank, joins Dr. Phil from the audience.

"Now, you've spent a lot of time with Levi," Dr. Phil addresses Tank. "Tell us about him."

"He's really funny. He's very reserved, and he's smart," Tank firmly explains. "People think because you're quiet and reserved, that's not a sign of intelligence. He's very intelligent. He just likes to hunt and fish. That's all he wants to do. Hunt, fish and be with this son."

Tank also addresses Levi's late child support payments and explains that he'll be caught up with them in less than a month. "So, that's not an issue," Tank adds, noting that the Palins really don't want Levi to catch up on the payments.

"There's a lot more to the story than we talk about. Now, I'm not in the stipulation so I can say anything I want to say," Tank frankly muses.

[AD]Tank pauses for a moment then continues, "But no," he says. "Levi is not what people think; he's not."

"True?" Dr. Phil asks Levi.

"Very true," Levi says with a smile.

"Now, I have to ask this because there seems to be a pattern," Dr. Phil says to Levi. "You got back with Bristol last year. You guys kind of reconnected. Do you still have feelings for her at some level?"

"No," Levi sighs. "To be honest, I did love her, but I really wanted to try for Tripp. He deserves it, but it's just never going to work out. And now, after everything since then, there's no way. I'll be there for her and will help her out with Tripp, but we'll never get back together again."

"But you are willing to work on a co-parenting relationship?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]Dr. Phil asks Levi to explain the main goal of his book. "I wrote [the book] for Tank, my sister [and] my family; just to clear everything up, and let people know who I am, who my family is, how much I love my son and a little bit about Alaska," Levi says. "And clear up all the lies that have been told about me."

Dr. Phil thanks Levi and reminds the audience to read his memoir, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs.