Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Somaya

Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Somaya

"My best friend, Somaya, is definitely an Internet queen and a diva. Somaya is consumed by keeping in touch with her fans. It's definitely taken its toll on our friendship," says Alysia. 

Somaya has nearly half a million friends on MySpace and often posts seductive pictures of herself. "The first thing you look at, you see this sexy vixen. Guys look at her and they're thinking, oh she's a pinup that they want to put on their wall and fantasize about," Alysia says. 

"I don't have any problems putting up pictures of myself in a bathing suit, because I don't feel I'm doing it because it's my talent," Somaya says.


Alysia is worried by the negative publicity her friend receives. "People send her hateful messages, telling her she has no talent, that she's never going to succeed, that she's just like all the other girls," she reveals. 

"I actually have a stalker, and it's actually a woman. She hired a private investigator to find out any and all information she could about me," Somaya says. "They went to my old landlord's place looking for me. This is really scary."


Despite the dangers, Somaya continues to promote herself on the Net. "I really pride myself on spending one to four hours a day on my MySpace page," she says. "Nothing will stop me or get in my way of pursuing my dream."

Alysia wonders about the future of their friendship. "Somaya missed my 30th birthday. A day like that for her not to be with me? It was hurtful," she says. "Somaya's need to be famous is definitely ruining our friendship."

"You've got close to a half million people signed up on your page. That's a lot. Between 25 and 50,000 views a day on your Web site," Dr. Phil points out. "You've had 2.8 million plays of your music, where people click, and download and listen to the music, right?" 

"Absolutely," Somaya replies.

"That seems to me that you, in fact, are getting some traction," Dr. Phil says. 

"MySpace has been a very good vehicle, however, a lot of people abuse it," Somaya says. She points out that she already had a career before she got posted on MySpace, including TV and commercials.

Turning to Alysia, Dr. Phil says, "You think this is out of control for her."

"I think that the time she's dedicating to it," Alysia clarifies. "It's insane. I'm not exaggerating when I say she literally spent eight hours at my house one day on the computer."

"This is her career. That's what she's pursuing," Dr. Phil says.

"Nobody works as hard as Somaya does," Alysia admits. Yet, she misses hanging out with her friend. "She doesn't do it intentionally, but she has missed out on a lot of engagements with her friends and her family."

Dr. Phil points out the dangers of self-promotion on the Web. "You get hate mail, you get people posting things, you've got a stalker," he reminds Somaya.

"The Internet is just really strange, and it's because there are so many people trying to be famous for the wrong reasons. A lot of girls on MySpace are literally half naked. All of my pictures are legitimate pictures for big campaigns, like Ralph Lauren, Maxim," she points out.

Dr. Phil shows a graphic of Somaya in a revealing outfit. "This sends a message. Is that the right message?" he asks. 

"That's a glamour photo from Sophia Lauren. I was named the next young Sophia Loren, and that's basically why I wear what I wear. I'm not in a thong. I'm not in pasties like other girls are," she says. 

Addressing Alysia, Dr. Phil asks, "Is she turning into a diva?"

"She can be a diva, but that's one of her qualities," Alysia answers. "She is not turning into one. Since I've known her, she's been one."