"Fighting For My Children" Follow up: Dillon"

The fight over where 13-year-old Dillon should live has been going on since he was 9 months old. His paternal grandmother, Robin, has been raising him, while his mother, Jamie, has been struggling to reclaim him.

After 10 years of fighting for custody, Jamie's efforts were rewarded. "I got a phone call at work that we had gotten custody. I just started screaming," she says, emotionally. "It feels great to have my son back in my life."

Robin is devastated. "The first night it was like my child had died. My heart was broken. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat," she says through tears.

Jamie says that Dillon is adjusting well to his new life. "We do a lot of laughing here," she says. "I think he's doing very well at school. I'm still trying to give him space. He needs that time to adjust and he's accomplishing that."

"We hope that Dillon is doing OK as he transitions to living with his mother, who has been absent for years and years. We wish everybody involved the best during this obviously challenging time," Dr. Phil comments.